I’ve been asked some great questions over the last few days

I know that the questions are and were always out there but it is still great to know that stuff that I am putting up here on the blog is getting people thinking about things in different ways. I am going to try and get around to answering them all tomorrow. I’ll be making a list in the morning and seeing if I can knock them all off.

Barry has his fight on the 28th of March so we’ll be ramping up his training a little…the hard stuff will be longer and tougher….and the quality stuff will be sharper and the intensity higher. The following session was of the longer and tougher sort.

Warm Up – 5 mins on the bike.
1A Over’s and Under’s – 3×8
1B Hip Pop Ups – 3×8
1C Hurdle Steps – 3×8
1D Leg Swings – 3×8

10x150m shuttle (4 easy and 6 hard) 30 seconds recovery between efforts

Block 1 – 5 rounds x 3 Turkish Get Ups each side, 15 Band Pull Overs each side and 10 punching combos.

6x150m shuttle 45 seconds recovery between efforts.

Block 2 – 5 rounds x sprawl, crawl, 5 push ups and 2 leg kicks on each side.

6x150m shuttle 60 seconds recovery between efforts.

This was a tough session…tougher than it looks on paper. Those last intervals Barry was running in 52-55 seconds…his fastest early on were 38-40 seconds…the bloke was well and truly spent by the end of the session.

Barry's Heart Rate Profile - It was a tough session...it says so right here.

Barry's Heart Rate Profile - It was a tough session...it says so right here.


15 thoughts on “I’ve been asked some great questions over the last few days

  1. Thanks Denise!

    Those 150s were awful, I actually look a little faster than I felt. I think that one was 2nd last in the last block was it Will? So I got home, and in between trying to snooze I worked out that I tried to sprint 2700 metres in that session. You should have recorded the first two intervals in the last block. The first one I had about 3 mins recovery after the sprawl/kick block, so when I went out I felt like a Ferrari and it had to have been fast. 1 minute later I was like a Morris Minor and that must have been my slowest!

    My hamstrings today!

  2. No Worries, You have been training really well….Ive decided to stop exercising my mouth and flapping my gums :D…..and start training hard the way I use to

  3. Hi will 2q’s on the block work
    I think i see them being set up as full body movement, something strengthish based and then finish with mma work. I was wondering if you could give me some ideas as to why you chose these exercises in this order. THe best explanation i have is 1) builds fatigue 2) keeps it and works on a specific issue 3) finishes it off with specific tech work under fatigues conditions. is this close or am i just reading too much into it.

    2ND was just on technique why do you use that style of turkish getup. I have done them as a situp roll into knelling lunge then up. Any real difference or prefernce between the 2 or is it all good?
    thanks for your time and i hope these q’s don’t get in the way of the other stuff (and i guess your real athletes but we all know the internet is more important than real life)

    • I can answer the Turkish get up question, or at least, sort of. I had a large edema on my shin from sparring last week and when I put it on the ground during the first get up and it really frickin hurt, I decided to do them a different way. If you look at the video I’m doing them differently on the right and left side. One way is much easier, rolling into that lunge position, and one is harder, trying to get my feet under me faster to stand straight up. The second way was a compensation for the shin soreness. Funny thing is that it doesn’t bother me when I kick stuff.

      • thanks barry although i need to watch the videos better as i didn’t see this the first time

  4. I love this stuff 🙂

    Watching Barry almost die is so damn enjoyable.

    One question …

    that bandwork stuff … is the resistance there just for the crawls or is it also pulling on him when he does the low round kicks?


  5. Thanks Barry,

    I’ve seen banded kicking before and I wondered if that was what you were doing.

    I’m interested to see how much Will gets you to do and whether you think it makes a difference.

    Those sprints looked like they hurt … not much in the tank by the time Will got around to filming you 🙂

    I hope he doesn’t kill you before the fight … but if he does, can you make sure he captures it on video ;P

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