I’ve been thinking so much and so hard I think my brain has suffered further damage

If you hadn’t already noticed it’s the 1st of March. I thought it was a good time to make a few changes that I’ve been thinking about for a while.

The first of those…if you cast your mind back many moons ago you may remember reading this:

So where do I start?

Well just to be different I’m going to start in the present and over time work backwards to where it all began.
I hate blogs…everyone has one and very few of them have anything to say and if they annoy me so much I figure I might as well annoy someone else for a change.
I get accused all the time of being big on talk and small on substance…so I’m going to use this blog to chart the progress of trainees. To talk about who they are…what their backgrounds are…how they came to train with me. Then I’m going to tell you what they are doing and why they are doing it and we can all chart their progress or lack thereof.
I’m also happy to answer questions and I’ll post my thoughts on things ‘training’ and ‘industry’ related and see if I can stick with this for longer than 20 minutes.
I also want to see how far I can get with this blog before anyone actually finds it.

This was the first post I ever made on the old blog…the blogspot blog…where we were at before we moved over here. Please don’t start to panic…I’m not getting all melancholy or emotional or anything like that…I’ve just been thinking a lot lately…mainly about my work but about the blog also and what I’ll do with it in the future and how I will develop it. I have some pretty cool stuff in the pipeline that I’m pretty excited about but more on that on a later date. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you’ll know that the reason that I started it was mainly because people on the interweb were having a go at me about the fact that I was always so critical of so much of the crap that seems to appear on the interweb regarding strength and condititioning but I wasn’t contributing anything myself…in fairness I thought that my scathing and unrelenting criticism of others was a fairly significant contribution…but others seemed to see things differently from me. So I started the blog in the knowledge that at the very least when I rubbished people I couldn’t be accused of not producing anything myself. I felt that it brought some balance to things.

Over the last year those that have known me for a while will have noticed that I haven’t been tearing people to pieces with quite the same ferocity as I had in the past. This was a concious decision to try to just be ‘positive’ about the industry…to focus on myself and trying in someway to create something myself rather than breaking down otheres…that and to hopefully produce some decent content while I was at it…some real content to balance things out. This brings me in a round about way to my next point.

The Local Industry

I have a few things I want to try and do to make things better in my own neck of the woods…some of which I am sure will fall flat but I don’t want it to be for lack of me trying.
The local industry like the interweb is full of strength and conditioning coaches and trainers who are both good and bad. It is the same everywhere. People in the industry here in Ireland seem to spend most of their time when discussing others in the industry running them down. This isn’t helpful to either to industry professionals or to clients and or athletes. I’ll put my hand up and admit…I’ve been as guilty of this as anyone. In fact I’ve probably been worse than most. I’m going to try and stop that…I say try to…I will try and stop it completely but occasionally I might let something slip out. I’m going to try to implement an ‘if you can’t say something nice about someone then don’t say anything at all’ policy.
One of the things that I want to try and do is to open up the gym to others strength and conditioning coaches or personal trainers. The reason being that when I was starting out the most difficult thing was always finding somewhere to work…I did the whole thing of carting dumbbells, medicine balls and resistance bands to clients houses all stuffed in my backpack…of dealing with gym owners who actually earned more from my personal training sessions than I did…I’ve been there and done all that. I would like to change that for some others and either help them get started in the industry. To build a business or even to use the gym as a stepping stone to go out on their own once they are established. I never saw personal training or coaching as a ‘competition’ for athletes and clients…I’ve never had a problem with athletes or clients leaving and coming back to me. There have been plenty who found out the hard way that the grass isn’t always greener. To this end I’ve never had a problem working with others…either was a coach or as a trainer.

So, if you are a trainer or a coach working in Dublin in particular and you are looking for a place to work out of then I’d like you to contact me so we can discuss what you want to do and so I can see if I can help you in any way. If you are a personal trainer trying to get your business up and running or a coach with one or two or more athletes and you are looking for a place to train your clients or athletes I want to see if I can do anything to make things easier for you and to enable you to provide your athletes and clients with a better service.

Current & Future Clients

I am going to change my pricing structure…at the moment I charge €220 per month for coaching and training.From March 1st I am now going to charge €105 per month…don’t worry…this isn’t a going out of business sale. I actually want to coach more people…athletes and clients a like. Now there are a few things that I want to point out here. Firstly, the service is going to remain the same. You’ll still get tested, individually programmed and be supervised and coached at every session. Secondly, I expect to make less money not more from this because I don’t think I am going to be inundated with clientele breaking down the gym doors to get in but I hope that a few more will take the opportunity to find out the difference between ‘going to the gym’ and ‘getting trained’.


13 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking so much and so hard I think my brain has suffered further damage

  1. Working twice as much for half the money. Are you sure you are not Irish?
    Have Denise run the testing and programs on the new fish. She appears to be coming along well in her programming abilities and she can already yell and swear with the best.

  2. while you are being in a postive help the world type mood, i wonder if you still have any useful contacts in sydney that i would be able to get in touch with to run through a few sessions or some other type of arrangement. thanks

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