There is literally nothing that I do that doesn’t get copied by someone

There’s a personal trainer in Melbourne, Australia who is obviously modelling himself on me…check out this article. I’ve been at this for years and I can’t believe it’s only just catching on now.

I get rubbished a lot on the interweb. It is actually really funny because some of the stuff is soooo off the wall it’s beyond belief. I was just checking out my ‘Blog Stats’ and one of the thing that you can see are ‘Referrers – People clicked links from these pages to get to my blog’.  

One of the links was from some sort of interview with Barry Ogelsby on an Irish forum. I didn’t read the whole thing because this particular board tends to be dominated by a small number of complete and utter morons. Have a look at this stuff…I was at the very least surprised that Barry actually ‘had my back’ and defended me…because at training whenever he’s had my back he’s usually got his arm wrapped around my neck and is trying to choke me unconscious. Check this page out…just to fill you in Barry’s username on is Roper.

As another aside…in post full of asides…I once saw a discussion on a forum a few years back where one poster was commenting on how bad I looked and how fat I gotten since they’d last seen me while another poster was commenting on how much healthier I looked and how much weight I had lost since they had last seen me…the conversation that ensued was great…I think one guy had seen me at 100kg and the other at close to 140kg and at the time they both saw me presenting I was probably 120kg. I love the interweb.

Mick from Irish Lifting actually encouraged me to post there a good while back and I was basically asked to leave the site on the same day. My advice apparently made ‘them’ uncomfortable…god forbid you actually get advice from someone who works in the area when you can get advice from ‘experts’ on the board in question. It was really pretty funny…I mean I was reading what they had to say and some of the advice the moderators were giving to people about training and it was laughing out loud, uncontrolled spitting on my monitor, getting myself out of breath type funny…but that’s a whole other story. Just to give you a taste of the idiocy involved…one of the moderators who actually paid for advice and coaching from an individual who in the past got advice and coaching from me…but this particular moderator didn’t like my ‘attitude’…which translated into them not liking my criticism or disagreement of and with the people who considered themselves experts on this board…like I said…it was borderline hysterically funny.

I also got a mention on so I’ve finally made it big. As well as in an article on

The other thing I thought was brilliant was that when I was looking at statistics from the blog was that everyones’ blogs are far more successful than mine. For example I was looking back at videos on the blog and looking at the views and on some of them posted on my own blog…where they’re originally posted keep in mind…are only the 3rd or 4th in the rankings for views. So people that have posted my videos on their own blogs or sites have contributed far more views than I have myself…I just thought that was interesting.


6 thoughts on “There is literally nothing that I do that doesn’t get copied by someone

  1. That’s how all of this works. It’s one big circle really. Take the video’s for instance. You post them get a certain number of views from your subscribers. Someone reposts it else where and you get a bunch more views. A certain number of those people will now subscribe to you. So you’ll see an increase in views from those people on future videos and the cycle repeats itself.

    • I know that…what I was getting at though is that I’ve videos with for example 1000 views…and only 150 of those are via my blog and all the rest are via 3 other blogs/websites where the video is posted.

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