I’ve been as busy as a beaver…

…hence the lack of blog updates. So what have I been doing I hear at least one of you ask. Well I don’t even know where to start.

New Gym

I still occasionally see stuff on the internet regarding me being a fraud…some of the best stuff has been along the lines of me stealing the videos that you see on this blog from YouTube or other training websites…these are videos that I apparently steal that for some reason have me in them…now you have to admit that is pretty funny?

Anyway…I’ve been so successful at being unsuccessful that I’m considering being a fraud on a much larger scale…about 10,000 square feet larger in fact. So I was checking out a possible venue last week and working on a plan for world domination…well maybe not world domination…I’ll settle for dominating the local area. It is still very much in the planning stages but I’ll let you know what comes of it either way.

Friday Night Lights

We were supposed to play a friendly on Friday night but the opposition pulled the pin at the last moment so instead we had to play with ourselves. It was a great laugh. I included this next clip because it basically has everything…

From Friday nights game…we won by the way!

You really need to watch it a few times…you’ll see Rhonda put in 2 seconds of effort to make a covering tackle then spend forever laying on ground trying to get his breath. Sextoy moaning and giving out like a big baby…even after he realises that he’s completely in the wrong. I also love it when Flaps threw some shapes at Sextoy but couldn’t even take himself seriously. There’s some other good videos up on YouTube…in just about every single one you’ll hear Flaps giving out to Daz and Gus…don’t be surprised because it was all he did for the entire match.

The Spider Test

Michael asked for a description of the ‘spider test’. Well here is a video of a test in full:

Spider Test – 6x30sec/30sec

I like this test for a lot of reasons. Mainly because whoever is the fastest and most agile gets the furthest in the first effort and whoever is the fittest gets the biggest total. It’ll tell me who are the most well rounded athletes. Who are the explosive athletes with no staying power, who are the athletes that have a great engine but who just aren’t dynamic enough along with telling me what athletes are better built for chess. This was the first time that these girls have done this test. The best single effort was 125m and the worst was 80m. The best total was 660m and the lowest 555m. One of my favourite things about the test is that the better you are and the fitter you get the more the test hurts. Nothing like that taste of blood in your mouth at the end of the test. The girls will be testing again in 6 weeks. We’ll see how they get on then.

Best laid plans…

Over the last couple of weeks I’d been putting a lot of work into getting things in place to follow an athlete through their strength and fitness testing along with detail their program construction. I was going to give a weekly video update and video some of their training so people could better see the process. The attendees at the seminar were there to question this athlete and see him through his testing which was all videoed…so in short I had done a huge amount of work getting things organised only for him to get dropped in a lineout yesterday and for this to happen….


Ouch...the picture actually makes it look better than it is

Ouch...the picture actually makes it look better than it is

So…in short…I will have to select another volunteer and make them promise not to let themselves get injured in anyway shape or form for a couple of months.


This was Garrets 1st Work Set

This was Garrets 2nd Work Set

Now Garret was pretty broken when he found me. We are slowly putting him back together again. He is one of a large number of athletes that I see only from time to time. Comes in for a chat…gets a new program and then heads off into the wilderness and makes a mess of it. He injured his back recently and is currently doing a months training with me so we can kick him back into shape. We have been doing a lot of work trying to sort out a lot of little issues that all rolled up together make for one major pain in the arse. This was just something that we were looking at tonight. You can see the issue with his right knee in the first video and in the second the correction that we made. His issue is a pretty common compensation. The reason that I am putting it up is because I’ve been making all the videos for the seminar notes over the last week. I’ve been videoing the screening of a number of different athletes….some tall, some short, some with ankle and others with knee or hip issues…all sorts of different issues. I’ve also been explaining my views on Functional Movement Screening versus Critical Observation…I don’t screen unless I need to….I rarely need to because I am watching athletes train all the time…I’m a coach…so I figure while I am in the gym I might as well do some coaching. Functional Movement Screening has it’s place….but it’s a limited place.


9 thoughts on “I’ve been as busy as a beaver…

  1. What cues did you use when coaching Garret’s front squat? Spread the floor with his feet or push the knees out or are those just for the back squat?

    Do you use the stretch band around the knees for front squats?

  2. Michael
    Will told me to drive my knees out at the bottom , or to keep my knees out at the bottom , or to think about driving my knees out at the bottom so they would stay out. Seemed to work anyways. Background is I tore my right ACL about 2 years ago and I initially came to Will for help with that. Got that sorted more or less. Recently have managed to slightly herniate a disc in my back , backsquatting so have been working on trying to loosen up my hips and hamstrings to try and reduce the amount of lumbar flexion I have squatting.
    So I suppose Wills theory is that the body Will find the path of least resistance and that it was ”easier ” for me to come out of the bottom of the front squat by drawing in slightly to recruit the quads more , instead of pushing out and trying to recruit the adductors and glutes as well. The right knee drew in significantly more which probably has something to do with the fact that I tore that ACL. So by retraining myself to drive out at the bottom I will get my knee to track on the line it would had I not injured it.
    At least thats what I got out of it but its hard to understand Will sometimes his english that is.

  3. Zarro
    Will will explain better , but over and unders , hurdle stepovers, leg swings, lunges, split squats off a bench, hamstring stretches many variations of (dynamic, static, off a bench, bent leg , straight leg.) Hamstring activation stuff ?? bridges off benches, bridges and curls off swiss balls , rdl’s etc

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