Want to say a few well dones

Firstly congrats to all the J1’s lads who wrapped up the league early this season by beating Clontarf last night. I know none of you will be reading this as I’m sure you are probably all still in Coppers but well done. Winning the league 3 times in 4 years is no easy feat and it was won well again this year.

The Irish Club International Team played out a 13 all draw with the England Counties side this evening with Hugh and Brophy both having good games…or so I’m told.

The girls played England tonight and lost. The English girs were BIG…they were a very strong and well drilled team. The Irish girls ran at them the whole game but went down 29 to 13.


Testing for Rugby

I was asked a couple of questions regarding testing for rugby today. The questions regarded testing generally as well as testing for kids. Hopefully I answered those questions here:

Speed, Agility and Fitness Testing

That’s simple…the spider test. 6 30 seconds efforts with 30 seconds recovery between efforts…the fastest and most agile get the furthest on the first effort and the fitness get the biggest total. This test gives you both fantastic objective and subjective data. 

Strength, Power and Muscular Endurance

Lower Body

Standing Broad Jump – I think this test is easier to administer and more reliable than a vertical jump.

Bodyweight Squat – Your body weight rounded up to the nearest 5kg and done to a depth below parallel for repetitions.

1RM or 3RM – Squat, Deadlift or TrapBar Deadlift – We do 2 different tests. We do a 1RM trapbar deadlift at the beginning and end of each training cycle and a 3RM squat test mid cycle. 

Upper Body

Push Ups – Repetitions in 60 seconds.

Inverted Rows – Repetitions in 60 seconds.

Bench Press –  Your body weight rounded up to the nearest 5kg and done for repetitions.

Pull Ups – Your body weight rounded up to the nearest 5kg and done for repetitions.

1RM Bench Press – Everyone wants to know….how much do you bench.

3RM Pull Ups – Weighted pull ups.

If people have anymore questions or are looking for specifics…then let me know and we’ll keep it all here?

There is literally nothing that I do that doesn’t get copied by someone

There’s a personal trainer in Melbourne, Australia who is obviously modelling himself on me…check out this article. I’ve been at this for years and I can’t believe it’s only just catching on now.

I get rubbished a lot on the interweb. It is actually really funny because some of the stuff is soooo off the wall it’s beyond belief. I was just checking out my ‘Blog Stats’ and one of the thing that you can see are ‘Referrers – People clicked links from these pages to get to my blog’.  

One of the links was from some sort of interview with Barry Ogelsby on an Irish forum. I didn’t read the whole thing because this particular board tends to be dominated by a small number of complete and utter morons. Have a look at this stuff…I was at the very least surprised that Barry actually ‘had my back’ and defended me…because at training whenever he’s had my back he’s usually got his arm wrapped around my neck and is trying to choke me unconscious. Check this page out…just to fill you in Barry’s username on is Roper.

As another aside…in post full of asides…I once saw a discussion on a forum a few years back where one poster was commenting on how bad I looked and how fat I gotten since they’d last seen me while another poster was commenting on how much healthier I looked and how much weight I had lost since they had last seen me…the conversation that ensued was great…I think one guy had seen me at 100kg and the other at close to 140kg and at the time they both saw me presenting I was probably 120kg. I love the interweb.

Mick from Irish Lifting actually encouraged me to post there a good while back and I was basically asked to leave the site on the same day. My advice apparently made ‘them’ uncomfortable…god forbid you actually get advice from someone who works in the area when you can get advice from ‘experts’ on the board in question. It was really pretty funny…I mean I was reading what they had to say and some of the advice the moderators were giving to people about training and it was laughing out loud, uncontrolled spitting on my monitor, getting myself out of breath type funny…but that’s a whole other story. Just to give you a taste of the idiocy involved…one of the moderators who actually paid for advice and coaching from an individual who in the past got advice and coaching from me…but this particular moderator didn’t like my ‘attitude’…which translated into them not liking my criticism or disagreement of and with the people who considered themselves experts on this board…like I said…it was borderline hysterically funny.

I also got a mention on bodybuilding.com so I’ve finally made it big. As well as in an article on examiner.com

The other thing I thought was brilliant was that when I was looking at statistics from the blog was that everyones’ blogs are far more successful than mine. For example I was looking back at videos on the blog and looking at the views and on some of them posted on my own blog…where they’re originally posted keep in mind…are only the 3rd or 4th in the rankings for views. So people that have posted my videos on their own blogs or sites have contributed far more views than I have myself…I just thought that was interesting.

Friday is going to be a big day

Ireland Team Announced For AIB Club International

I just want to pass on some congrats to Hugh Hogan and Phil Brophy who were named in the starting side for the Irish Club International Team to play the England Counties Team on Friday afternoon.

Hugh who posts here for your amusement is captaining the side.

Hugh who posts here for your amusement is captaining the side.

I guarantee if they win you’ll see a ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ headline. I think they named Hugh captain because he is so much more photogenic than Phil.


No wonder the ladies love him

No wonder the ladies love him

I think they also went for Hugh because they know what a strict disciplinarian that Phil is.


You don't want to get on his wrong side

You don't want to get on his wrong side

I hope both the lads enjoy the game and play to their potential.

Ireland Women’s International

I also want to wish the girls all the best in their game against England this Friday night. The game is being played at St Mary’s on Friday evening at 6.30pm for those that are interested in getting along.

I know that you all want photos of the girls as well but I am way more scared of them than I am of Hugh or Brophy.

Long long day today

Started early and finished late….but I suppose in a global recession I should be thankful to be working at all.

Some highlights from the day…

Barry buying me buckets of coffee…not really that interesting but may have been partially possible for the lads session this evening.

Rower – 250m with 30 seconds recovery x 5

TrapBar Deadlift – Bodyweightx5
Pull Ups – 50% of max
Push Ups – 15
3 sets of all of the above

Bike – 60 seconds @ 100rpm/Level 10 x 5

Step Ups – 5
Inverted Rows – 33.68% of max
KB Shoulder Press – 5
3 sets of all of the above

Treadmill – 300m sprint with 100m walk x 5

Lunges – 5
Floor Press – 5
Lat Pulldown – 5
3 sets of all of the above
Rower – 250m with 30 seconds recovery x 5

Hanging Leg Raises – 10
Sit Ups – 20
Woodchoppers – 10
3 sets of all of the above

Bike – 60 seconds @ 100rpm/Level 10 x 5

KB Squats – 10
KB Rows – 10
Bench Press – 10
3 sets of all of the above

Treadmill – 300m sprint with 100m walk x 5

Natural Reverse Hypers – 10
Back Extensions – 10
Ab Rollouts – 10
3 sets of all of the above

Then had the a session with Ballyboden Camogie…they did a great session…it was one of those sessions that you know everyone was ‘putting in’…the reason I knew this is because they were very quiet throughout the whole session.

Here’s a description of the entire session…it is always much easier to lay it out this way.

Here’s the girls in action

I had an athlete tell me once he couldn’t take creatine because it made him too angry

I just read this article this morning…I don’t even know what to say. I thought some of you might find it interesting.


Body-build risk for teen rugby stars
New health fears over supplement use to ‘bulk up’ young players

The Irish Rugby Football Union are developing an education programme throughout the underage system in schools, so great are concerns about the use of dangerous supplements like creatine amongst rugby-playing school boys.

Ruth Wood-Martin, the IRFU Performance Nutritionist said: “We actively discourage the use of supplements in underage players and we are developing a programme that will focus on how eating and drinking well is the most effective nutrition strategy to support hard training and quick recovery.”

After routine drug testing was carried out at an under-18 Six Nations Championship match in Cork last year, there are now calls for the anti-doping committee of the Irish Sports Council to investigate under-age sport at a national level.

As rugby schools ‘go to war’ and young players bulk up on sports supplements and performance-enhancing drugs, the fear is that they may be harming themselves in the long term.

A former leading school-rugby star says: “Many players don’t take supplements correctly and some people as young as second and third year had no notion of where products such as no-xplode, armagedin, norateen and creatine came from.

“Some are safe to be using if regulated properly but if taken in large doses they can be harmful. If they hear that people are using it, then that’s usually good enough for them and long-term effects don’t come into it.”

He explained that there is huge pressure within the school rugby system to perform — so the desire is there on the part of students to get an extra edge on muscle mass which a supplement can offer. “The impression is out there that if you have a ‘big’ team you will win and in some cases games masters turn a blind eye. We knew of side effects but everyone thinks ‘that’s not going to happen to me’.”

Protein supplements and creatine are available in health food shops around the country online and some students even set up their own businesses within the school, oblivious to the long-term muscle damage when taken by children under the age of 18.

It was reported on the Off the Ball show on Newstalk last week that an advertisement for supplements was recently removed from a school notice-board. According to a recent article, the vast majority of these mixtures are unregulated and an ongoing study in the US found that 75 per cent of them contained banned substances such as anabolic steroids. Leading personal trainer Marc Smith believes the problem is growing rapidly and evidence is the remarkable difference in size between the school boys of a few years ago compared to those of today.

“Young boys are trying to lump on muscle. They see the internationals and want to be as big as them with weight and protein supplements as the means to an end. It’s one dimensional and they believe these are the ingredients to make them better rugby players but it is destroying them and they will feel the effects in years to come.

“These protein and body building shakes they are bulking up on, no ones knows where they are coming from. Some say the ingredients are thrown into a cement mixer to mix them up.”

Exercise and performance specialist Niall Hobbert asks how many of the schools are hiring in professional or qualified people to train the teams safely and he doesn’t mean qualified rugby coaches but qualified strength and conditioning coaches, sports doctors and sports nutritionists. He said: “Through my experience I see misguided players who are physically imbalanced, nutritionally misguided and injury prone and who are led to believe what they are doing is right because they trust in their coaches and teachers.”

The same young rugby player I spoke to severely damaged his shoulder because of a poor weights programme he was given from his school coach which resulted in him being away from rugby for some time. “A proper weights programme, diet and training combined will make a better player. The sooner the players realise one can’t get all the ingredients that make a great rugby player out of a bottle the better,” he said.