Olympic Lifting Technique – Snatch Demo Series

People seem to be under the delusion that I am anti-Olympic lifting. Far from it. I love Olympic lifting and where appropriate it is a brilliant tool for your coaching and training tool box. I think the problem is that people think that Olympic lifting is the be all and do all of training for sport…it’s not. I have people that can’t do 3 chin ups that want to do Olympic lifting…that’s just stupid.

Any way I wanted to post these videos up as I think it would be a good resource for those of you that are involved in coaching Olympic lifting and or use the lifts in training.

I’ll throw in the disclamer here and I’ll make each of the lift series individual posts just so it’ll be easier for people to find later on.

Now the lads that did these video wrote a disclaimer but it was absolute crap…they have an even more tenuous grasp of the English language than I have. So I’ve written my own

My Disclaimer of their Disclaimer: This is part of a series of drills to help troubleshoot some popular beginner mistakes with the Olympic lifts. The approach used is based on their synthesis from various coaches they’ve worked with or read about. These videos are not meant to be an all encompassing layout of the Olympic lifts, its just an evolving teaching tool.

This is just one way of teaching the lifts. It isn’t the best nor is it the worst…it’s just a way of teaching them. If you want to get onto the guys that made the videos you can go to their website and check them out for yourselves.

Part 1: Setting up

Part 2: Dead Hang Snatch

Part 3: Snatch Balance/Drop Snatch

Part 4: Pulling Sequence From Above the Knee

Part 5: Pulling From Above the Knee

Part 6: Pulling Sequence From the Floor

Part 7: Eccentric Pulling

Part 8: Accessory Pulls

Other Odds and Ends Relating to Bar Height

For the Clean

For the Snatch


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