When the blog was exported and came over here…I found a heap of drafts that got lost in the ether


This is a partial post that I actually just found and thought I’d post just because it is relevant to what I was having a rant about in my previous post:

I got them following email this morning from Matthew Perryman:

I lose the internet for a few weeks and you sell out? I knew it was coming.

Good reading though, I figured it’d mostly be drunken insults and incoherent ranting.

Here’s a question for you if you want to tackle it:

When you’ve got a particular strength goal in mind, say the bench press or deadlift is lacking by 20-40kg off what you’d like it to be, how’d you go about setting up your cycles for that over time? What I’m getting at…you mentioned awhile back that you had a guy that had just benched around 150kg and you expected him to hit 180kg in the near future — what kind of setup are you using to make that happen? I’ve got a good idea of what you’ll say, I think, but I’d like to see you actually flesh it out.

These are the sort of questions I want for this blog? Because this is exactly what I want to do.

Coaches here in Ireland I’ve found on the whole seem to want to pretend that what they are doing is magic. They don’t expose themselves or their ideas to scrutiny. I could probably say from experience in a lot of cases at even the highest level they surround themselves with ‘Yes Men’…they find people who agree with what they are doing…people who are going to tell them it is all perfect and that they are spot on. What is the point of that? They hide their training plans and have ‘closed sessions’ like they are turning lead into gold. Now that is not to say that there aren’t great coaches here…because there are people doing great work….I just think they would be doing even better work if they were more open.
I’ll say this to anyone who’s reading this…whether you are a coach or just a serious trainer….when was the last time you showed you training program to someone? When was the last time that you asked for advice?

That was it…that was all I got done…I don’t have a clue what I was going to go say but I think it is still a good point. If you want to get better as a coach and or trainer then get your stuff out there and get feedback. If you can’t argue your own corner then you might as well pack up and go home.

To answer Matt’s question…it depends. The next person that I have thatis looking to add kg’s to any particular lift I’ll just post the program that I give them and we can see the program and see how they get on. I much prefer doing that than just talking out of my whole hypothetically.


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