Something hit me the other day…

…and I don’t mean I got punched in the face again.

I got an email from one of the readers of the blog…

You’ve missed an important one (in my opinion) which is something along the lines of ‘training concepts’ … For example, I’ve learned the importance of ‘repeat burst’ training, how to structure a session, the importance of developing strength before power etc. I understand that you raise these issues within other categories, but you can always multiple tag … Gleaning training concepts from your blog has been the main reason I’ve been trawling through your posts!

This is why I do this blog…and I say that without hopefully sounding like too much of a dick…although I know having said ‘this is why I do this’ it is impossible for me not to sound like a dick.

The reason that it made me stop and think for a second is because I think that I and probably most people take there experiences for granted. This is one of the reasons that I am excited about the seminar as well because the reason that I’ve been putting so much time into it is because over 20 years of giving and attending seminars and courses and the like I know what an enormous waste of time the majority have been. In writing and structuring the material and make up of the seminar I’ve constantly had in the front of my mind 2 things in particular…1. Could I use this information right now and 2. How does this fit in with all the rest of the information in the seminar…in that…does all this stuff go together. The reason that I think this is important is because I look at all the other seminars I’ve given…for example Strength Training for Gaelic Football, Functional Movement Screening, Conditioning for Field Sports, Strength and Conditioning for Basketball…all those seminars have I hope been interesting but the thing is…for coaching you need to have a grasp of all the areas…even if you aren’t an expert in any of them…you need to understand how they all go together. What is the point of learning about functional movement screening if you don’t understand what strength exercises you need to use to correct what you find…and what is the point of knowing the exercises if you’ve no idea how to put them into a program…and on and on I could go.

What I want to do with the seminar is to layout a ‘practical template’ for working as a strength and conditioning coach because like most jobs and professions it is really only 5% of what you know that you end up using 90% of the time…you don’t need to understand alveoli and gas exchange to write a good conditioning workout…but understanding heart rate response will help you a lot. 

What I intend to do long term is to try to bring the blog and the seminars together. In that I want to create a format on the blog and or the website…or whatever it ends up being for presenting the seminar information. That the seminars will be the practical extension of the information presented here. I’m not saying that the blog will stop being a place where I crap on and piss and moan just that I want to have a section here where I eventually try to present my coaching template and have it be as complete and structured as it would need to be for people to do the basic and straightforward elements of coaching that make up the majority of my working day.  So that people who are interested will know how I structure sessions, why I do conditioning work I do, how I test and assess athletes and why I do this and they won’t have to scour the blog to find out…I want to be able to present it in a really easy to understand and structured manner. The cool thing is that I will be able to keep editing it and adding to it till it is what it says it is.

The people who are already confirmed and coming to the seminar are a mixed group which is excellent because as I said I want this seminar to be able to stand on its own no matter what the background of the attendee.

The reason I am saying all this is because there’s been a lot of comment on the blog and people emailing me asking me why I am doing this and why I am bothering. The reason I started this blog is because I was constantly being accused of being to negative and of being a sniper…some of that criticism was fair but I made a conscious decision when starting with this to be positive and to make a contribution. This seems like the best way to do this.

A lot of people have also been mailing me wondering what my angle is…how I am planning on making money out of this…that has never been nor can I see it ever being the intention. What I was getting at the other day is that I don’t think I should have to pay to give away all my intellectual property or provide a forum or any of that other on-line stuff. As I said…if people wanted all the bells and whistles and were willing to chip in to cover the cost then fantastic….we could make that happen straight away. Most don’t want to do so and that is fine as well…they can shut the hell up and stop emailing me moaning about stuff and just take what they are given. 

So anyway…moving here is a start. There is plenty more that I want to do but it will happen as and when I have the time.


7 thoughts on “Something hit me the other day…

  1. I’m not convinced. I mean, you had your blog which basically gave anyone who wanted to mail in and ask a question an answer, sometimes even a video instructional. Then you went and organised a really cheap seminar that people can come and learn stuff at. If you’re going to be a real charity, then I think you should go the whole hog and create the damn website, put a whole shitload of money into it and give away all your secrets too.

    Personally I get lots of info from the blog and if there were a membership site I would sign up for a few bob a year, as I would be more or less guaranteed that no morons (apart from me obviously) would be allowed to join. The thing about the blog was that the comments and questions were generally of a high standard but with a forum, you won’t have that as forums attract idiots. Luckily, most idiots don’t want to pay to be idiots.

  2. Barry,
    It is funny you should say that…because that is basically what I’m pretty much going to do…the reason being not because I expect to get anything back out of it but for(I know this is going to sound stupid but it’s true) the sake of my pride. I haven’t be really happy with the old blog…the format that is. So I think what I’m going to do is to get it pretty much sorted here in the near future then move it lock stock and barrel to so I can do what I want with it over there. I have a bit of added functionality that I am trying to sort out asap and if I get that sorted I’ll back my bags straight away and then try any find some way to get you parasites to cover the costs somehow. If it was cost neutral…I’d be ecstatic but even if it’s not I’m going to do it anyway just because I’m an idiot.

  3. Yeah but then I’m thinking I’ll just not join your site and just pepper you with questions after MMA training instead. Oh who am I kiddin I love internets.

  4. Oh! How I love hitting people … I prefer using a fist, but if my thought-provoking comments do the job, who am I to complain.

    Regarding cost neutral …

    Why don’t you get Lyle to sponsor some of your blog costs and in return plaster his book advertising all over the site 🙂

  5. Barry,
    Wouldn’t expect anything else from you.

    If people are happy with advertising on the site then I’ll look into that. I’ve a feeling though that the half dozen people who actually read the blog won’t really be bringing in the big bucks. I also have a feeling that seeing advertising would annoy the shit out of me.

  6. Will…I think the new blog format is looking good and your recent entries have been great.

    A long time ago you wrote…

    I’ve decided I’m not going to talk much about what I do. Instead I’m just going to show it…I’m going to take people as they come to me from here on in and if they don’t mind I’m going to describe them and why they came to me

    I think you’ve built on that quite well…the “so what do you do when once you’ve tested them” blog post is a great example and I look forward to the next post.

  7. Ian,
    Thanks for the continued blog support…it’s thanks to people like you that my readership pushed into double figures.

    I’m actually going to do a ‘series’ for want of a less ghey word on Gaelic Football. I want to start off at the highest level and outline how I structure a training and playing year. Then look at the actual blocks of training contained with that training structure. Then look at individual training sessions within each block and finish it by looking at exactly how individuals are coached and post their sessions and look at how problems and issue within each session are dealt with from a practical perspective.

    I am actually going to take the extremely radical step of actually planning and structuring the posts in such a way that I can continue to expand on them on an ongoing basis and find a way to present them on the blog so that people can use and find them easily in a series format. I’m going to try to make it so comprehensive that anyone who had access to it could pretty much start coaching a Gaelic Football team from scratch with regard to preparing that team physically.

    It won’t be the best or worst way to do it…what it will be though is exactly how I do it and people can take that for what it is.

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