Seamless Transition

Things were a bit limited over at blogger functionality wise and I got sick of all the the people I know who use wordpress always making fun of me so I want to give this place a bit of a go as I think it has a lot more possibilities.

So…I won’t crap on about it but I want some feed backon what people think could be improved? Is there anything missing? It will take a while to settle in and I intend on tarting up the place a bit to make it pretty…so let me know what you think?

Busy day today but I thought I would throw up the 2 different program variations that the girls did this evening.

Session 1

Warm Up – 3x500m on the rower with 2 mins stretching between efforts

1A Over’s and Unders – 2×8 each side

1B Reverse Lunge Twist – 2×8 each side

Box Squats – 2×5, 6×3

Hang Cleans – 5×5

Hanging Leg Raises – 3×15

Horizonatal, Vertical Band Pull-A-Parts and Band Dislocates – 3×12 of each

2A DB Band Press – 6×5

2B Pad Work – 6×15 seconds

Band Assisted Pull Ups – 5×12

Standing Ab Pulldowns – 3×15

3A Natural Reverse Hypers – 3×12

3B Back Extensions – 3×12

Session A

Warm Up – 3x1km on the bike with 2 mins stretching between efforts

Horizonatal, Vertical Band Pull-A-Parts and Band Dislocates – 3×12 of each

1A DB Band Press – 6×5

1B Pad Work – 6×15 seconds

Band Assisted Pull Ups – 5×12

Hanging Leg Raises – 3×15

2A Hurdle Steps – 2×8 each side

2B Single Leg Hip Pop Ups – 2×8 each side

Trap Bar Deadlift – 2×5, 6×3

Box Jumps – 5×5

Standing Ab Pulldowns – 3×15

3A Natural Reverse Hypers – 3×12

3B Back Extensions – 3×12

So pretty much identical but with a decent sized group and a gym that really wasn’t big enough from day 1 you need to split groups up.


Peter and Paul…not the apostles but the Gaelic Footballers…came in to do their testing this evening

I asked them to take a guess at what they would get in their testing before they started. They were both pretty much spot on…they got much closer than I expected. The scores in brackets are their guesses and the score beside it are their actual scores. They also did their rowing test but for some reason both the rowers malfunctioned and didn’t record the details properly…doesn’t matter…we’ll just pretend it was a test run.


The lads testing results..their scores and their guesstimates in brackets.

The lads testing results..their scores and their guesstimates in brackets.



So maybe it wasn’t so seamless a transition!
I just realised that for some reason some videos didn’t make the jump and there seems to be a couple of missing posts as well. As I said it might take a while to get every sorted out but I think it’ll be worth it in the end so bare with me.


15 thoughts on “Seamless Transition

  1. I think it has a lot more potential. I’ve a few different things that I want to do and come February when I have more time I will definitely be trying to make as many of the ideas that I have come to fruition.

  2. WordPress is the bomb, but have you thought about having your own domain name, rather than having it hosted by WordPress? Looks more professional…

    Other than that, enjoy all the wordpress plugins!

  3. Looks good.

    Some ideas:
    -Can you widen the middle part. Especially the comments are cumbersome to read when there’s a lot of long comments. Check for examle the “My coffee..” and “Watch out…” comments. Also, if there’s a better way to separate the individual comments than the current “bolded Name, date”
    -Quoting, is there a tool for it?
    -Previewing the comment before submitting?
    -Anything that makes makes commenting easier. So basically a more forum-like tools/layout to enable actual conversion or dialogue.

  4. Dave,
    I do have my own domain name. I have and I think eventually I will move there full time. Can’t really justify the cost of doing a full ‘bells and whistles’ website as I don’t actually generate any income from the internet. Essentially I am more interested in giving away my intellectual property than charging for it.
    As I said before…I was going to try to work out what a full bells and whistles website would cost and see if people were interested in chipping in to have that but only 2 or 3 people seemed interested in that. That is fine by me though as well as I will just keep doing what I’m doing as is.

  5. Sami,
    Those are all things I have on my list. My calendar is really packed right to the end of the month. Come February I am going to have more time on my hands thank God. I will invest some time whipping the blog into shape so that I like it and like the look and feel of it. There is a lot of stuff I want to to. Like I said I am going to go back and pick some of the better posts to ‘expand’ and turn into articles…and by articles I just mean bigger posts…just clarify the detail and give much better explanations and make more videos to accompany the post.

  6. this is all a bit fancy- i have seen a lot of style over function in the fitness industry but this looks like it could work- give the training up mate, you have become an internets genius!

  7. Garrett,
    Not sure whether you are being serious or not…either way…shut up.

    That’s the plan.

    You can see what my Svensk is like when you get over here.

    I’m going to keep it pretty neutral layout and colour wise for the time being. But I’ll continue to take suggestions.

    I’m glad you like it even if you are taking the piss.

  8. Sami,
    You can thank Sully and Kira for that. They’ve been doing a great job. I haven’t done any of it. I think it is working out pretty well. It will probably take a bit of refinement but I think in the end it’ll make things much easier to find…not just for people just finding the blog but for anyone who’s been here a while and are therefore trying to catch me in a lie or trying to trip me up by getting me to contradict myself or any of the other really important things that people do on-line.

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