2km Rowing Race

We did an easy recovery session in the gym today and finished it with a not so easy rowing race.

2km as fast as possible any way they liked.

In all seriousness…how well did I select those two teams to ensure a hard fought race…I know the capabilities of my athletes better than they know themselves…that’s why my expectations are always so low even though theirs are so high.

The race results.

On another funny note

I posted this video of Sinead the other day and the video was posted on another training site….which is fine…I’ve got no problem with that.

The reason I know that it was posted elsewhere is because on YouTube when you post a video you can see how people came to find it and view it. So anyway I went to the site to see what else was there and I saw the following comment in relation to the video.

Anonymous said…
If you want to maximize this exercise, resist any movement at from the chest to the knees. Compensatory movement makes this video a disaster. harsh but true.

Does anyone else see a problem with this? Let me try and translate this…I have a lot of experience translating idiot as it’s a language I am fluent in myself.

Now when this idiot says ‘resist any movement from chest to knee’ do you think maybe they are talking about maybe doing a bridge? Do you think that maybe they just think this is a poorly executed bridge and that Sinead is just a bit of a tidy freak and couldn’t resist tidying up around her while she was trying to bridge?

I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt momentarily…lets say that they were trying to say that the athletes trunk should be held as rigid as possible while executing the plate shifting…this poses a problem or two as I am not sure exactly how any rotation will take place while resisting any movement from chest to knee…maybe they meant resisting all movement…except…for the movement needed to actually execute the exercise.

Anyway…if people can’t actually see the purpose of this exercise then I doubt that any ‘explaining’ I do is probably going to be wasted…which just made me think of what I’ll post about next.


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