Didn’t even get close…

…to finding the time to do the neck strengthening vids…sorry about that. Don’t worry though…once February comes around I’m going to have more time and I’ll be blogging every hour on the hour just like the CNN of blogging.

Anyway…this week is in honour of James because because my Aunt Leslie was complaining that he wasn’t featuring enough on the blog and wanted to know what he was up to.

I might have to interview him this week so Leslie if you have any questions you want me to put to James let me know and I will get the answers you need.

He’s steadily climbing the rankings…just won the Irish Indoor title last week…we’re currently preparing for Davis Cup next month and have major plans for the coming season.

I was asked a few questions in person and by email this week regarding loading and Prilepin’s Chart. As per usual…I am not going to go into a detailed discussion regarding exercise physiology or the academic merits of varying set and reps schemes or percentages of 1RM worked at. What I will say is that there is a lot of different way to vary the ‘stimulus’ in training other than just loading.

Once you can do more sit ups and ab twists than Britney Spears you have to find new ways to stress the system.


5 thoughts on “Didn’t even get close…

  1. Michael Sullivan said…
    Wow, that is a slow eccentric on the squats. Is that how he was instructed to do them?
    Yes. In the evening we did box jumps from a free box squat. No bar obviously…started above parallel and worked our way down to 12inches. You follow? With these though it was just a controlled eccentric and obviously explosive jump off the bottom.

  2. Barry Oglesby said…
    Who owns that terrible music?
    I’ve lost my iPod so we’ve been forced to listen to Denise’s music that she listens to when running on the treadmill.

  3. You losing your ipod would have been high on my list of “good things that might happen”, but look what’s replaced it.

    Be careful what you wish for is the moral here.

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