Neck Strengthening

I am going to put up some specific information on the neck strengthening work we do specifically for Front Row players in rugby. I know not everyone is interested in rugby put I usually do some and by some I mean a little neck strengthening work with all my athletes at various stages. One of the reasons that I think this is important is because I think it is really important for all contact sports. I have been doing a lot of neck strengthening work myself because I think it is really important for MMA.

Neck Strength Targets
Extension (Pushing Backwards)
General = 50kgs
Front Row = 80kgs

Flexion (Pulling Forward)
General = 30kgs
Front Row = 60kgs

Side Flexion (Pushing to the side)
General = 45kg
Front Row = 80kgs

You should aim to have your Flexion strength approximately 60% of your extension strength.

Obviously the Left and Right side should be reasonably equal.

Your Extension strength should be reasonably equal to your Side Flexion strength.

What I am going to do is to put some videos together tomorrow of the static and dynamic neck strengthening exercises that we do.

On Thursday I hope to post some video of the neck strength testing with Dave Lyons the physiotherapist with whom I work closely.

I will also see if the lads mind me posting their testing results…basically I’m going to post them anyway but it is nice to make them feel like they have some input on the subject.

I thought I would post my latest results up first:
Extension = 49.90kg
Flexion = 28.56kg
Side Flexion (Left) = 36.46kg
Side Flexion (Right) = 27.04kg

So as you can see…I have issues. We’ll see how I go actually addressing them over the coming months.

I will post some other results up just to give you an idea of where the lads stand in comparison.


4 thoughts on “Neck Strengthening

  1. kira said…
    Looking forward to these videos …

    The clinch game in muay thai really screws with your neck 😦
    I discovered that as well very early on…getting your neck cranked and guillotined also should bring neck strength to peoples attention pretty quickly.

  2. Good stuff when you have the vids uploaded I’ll stick a link to it on my site.

    The clinch game in muay thai really screws with your neck 😦 I actually haven’t been able to do any significant thai clinch sparring for about a year now because pretty much every time I do, I’m out for 4 sessions afterwards. So I’m really interested in what Will has to say.

  3. That’s something that bothered me as well while kickboxing: couple sets of clinching = 2 days of not being able to move your neck.

    But I saw this more as an endurance type thing and thus did more conditioning type stuff for the neck instead of strength work.
    How much was I wrong?

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