I received this emergency email this evening. To those you who don’t train in the gym…just ignore this post and move on…for those of you who do train in the gym…who’d of thought this could ever possibly happen to Frank the Tank? I mean beside me and everyone else that knows Frank.

Subject: Hey Will I’m fat and need a new programme

Hey Will,
How’s tricks? Is the gym missing me. Low and behold I’ve gone and become a fatty again so I’ve joined the gym and was wondering if you could send me over one of your programmes as I just refuse to let a Brit give me a programme.
I’ll be at the gym 3 times a week, if you could give me 2 overall sessions and one beach session for Fridays before matches that would be great. Or maybe an upper and lower body one if that’s easier. My lungs and vital organs would much appreciate it.



I don’t know that I want to give him a program and have to take some responsibility for his fatness when I can’t be standing over him kicking him in the hole. Who votes that I let Frank get so fat in England that he has to pay excess baggage for his arse and moobs next time he comes back to Ireland?


2 thoughts on “S.O.S

  1. lylemcd said…

    Tell him to buy one of my books. I need the money to pay off the bet you won.
    Only useful for the ones that can read.

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