Inverted Rows – Everything you always wanted to know and still won’t after you read this

I noticed that a lot of people search ‘inverted rows’ or ‘how to inverted row’ or searches along those lines. So I thought I would post a video regarding my thoughts on inverted rows…hopefully that will generate some comments and questions and I can go back and redo the video and cover the subject more clearly and concisely.

Everything you need to know about the video without ever seeing it!

Inverted Rows are a ‘threshold’ exercise…like chin ups and pull ups in that it is difficult to ‘train’ the exercise until you can actually do a rep or some reps. So progressions are important.

The way to get better at inverted rows is to start at a height/incline where your body position in relation to the bar allows you to accrue some volume.

Bar position is also important. I think ‘generally’ you should pull to your sternum. Your hand width and elbow tuck should be such that your forearm remains perpendicular to the bar. Naturally people may inverted row for a lot of different reasons…if you are doing it for your ‘upper back’ or ‘rear delts’ then by all means pull on a higher line. This line however in most individuals will lead to fatigue much sooner due to the smaller amount of muscle mass being targeted/used.

Like most exercises there are a lot of different ways to perform the exercises…there isn’t a best way…the methods we most commonly use in no particular order are as follows:
Balls Out – This would be the most common technique in testing for instance and involves performing reps as fast as humanly possible which sometimes becomes such a violent movement that an athletes testicles actually free themselves from the confines of said athletes pants.
Explosive Concentric and Controlled Eccentric – Pulling to the bar as fast as possible and slowly lowering back to the hang position. This can be accompanied by an ‘attempted’ static contraction at the bar.

So there you go…any questions or comments fire away…at the very least I’ve saved you from having to watch this video.

Inverted Rows…everything you already knew and so much less.


7 thoughts on “Inverted Rows – Everything you always wanted to know and still won’t after you read this

  1. Will Heffernan said…
    lylemcd said…
    One question: is it possible to do 100 of these in a minute?
    No…but 60 in a minute would be an equivalent. The best I’ve seen to date I think off the top of my head is 42 or 44 reps.

  2. Anonymous said…
    If you don’t have video, it never happened.(Or so I’ve been told).
    The video has been uploading onto YouTube for about 24hrs now…I kind of get the feeling something might be going wrong somehow.

  3. Michael Sullivan said…
    Can we hear more form your lovely assistant and less from you?
    Can you actually understand what she’s saying or do you just like the accent and are able to tell from the tone that she is giving out?

  4. You can kind of understand what she says but only about the amount that we can understand coming from you. Although, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Are there any addition exercises that you’d recommend for strengthening that mid back area?

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