The New Year…

…really isn’t a major milestone for me. My new years are really marked by the starting of each rugby and GAA season. I thought I would jump on the bandwagon though and get into the spirit of regeneration and new beginnings.

Excuses, excuses
As you all well know thanks to my constant moaning and complaining…I’ve not been well. Around Christmas Eve is was struck down…I was going to say…in my prime…but I think that would be stretching the truth more than a little…anyway…I was struck down with what I now know was and still is a bacterial chest infection which literally did strike me down. I’ve not been able to train at all and barely been able to work over the whole Christmas and New Years period…which thankfully is a relatively quiet time training wise.

A Fresh Start
I’m still not 100% but am going to try and start getting things back on track. I was going through my blogs stat counter and saw that a lot of the searches that occur on the blog relate to ‘inverted rows’ so either this afternoon or tomorrow morning I am going to tell you everything I know about inverted rows….don’t worry…I predict it will take a little less that 5 minutes. If there is anything else people want me to go through in detail then let me know.

February Seminar
While I’ve been less than 100% I have been doing a lot of work on the up coming seminar. I am still waiting to get some information back so I can set a price for the seminar…suffice to say I am not looking to make any money out of it so rest assured no one will be shocked at the price. The material is coming together well though and I’m looking forward to presenting it all if for no other reason than to get it out there…get feedback…modify and adjust it as needs be and then present it all over again. One of the things I wanted to do when I started the blog is to start being a part of the solution rather than just bitching and moaning about the problem. Putting this seminar together and presenting it will be an extension of that. I’ve said to numerous people that…I can teach anyone 90% of everything they need to know to do my job in a single weekend…I’m looking forward to finding out if that is true or not.


5 thoughts on “The New Year…

  1. lylemcd said…
    So it’s Jan 2nd, who won our bet?
    Well I can tell you this…being sick has driven me absolutely mad because I haven’t been able to do any training and the only thing I am training for is fighting. I can’t see that changing in the near future. I want to get myself in shape to take a fight as quickly as I can…so in short…I won the bet…but don’t worry…no one ever pays me when I win.

  2. Send me your paypal address.

    You can use me as an example to your rugby players; tell them that real men don’t welsh on bets and a skinny 150 lb speed skater paid up when a bunch of manly rugby guys didn’t.


  3. Oh yeah, since 90% of what you know is ‘Inverted rows are GUD’, I don’t think you’ll have much of a problem.


  4. Hi Will, I am interested in coming over for your seminar in February- it depends on cost and if work give me the time on the Friday to fly from London which I will know next week- is there going to be a list of accomodation which is close to the seminar so I can book up before the pound is worth even less? Thanks, Ian

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