I knew this would be the case…

…I have three times as many people coming to my seminar from overseas as are coming from Ireland.

Now…in fairness…I’m just being dramatic for the sake of comedy value and because I wanted something to right about but I do think it is worth mentioning and laughing about the fact that so far one local…that being Barry…has said they will attend versus three foreigners…one from as far away as Pakistan have said they will come.

It says a lot about Ireland and Irish sport in general I think. If over last few years I had excepted some of the job offers I’ve had from outside of Ireland or if I made a bigger song and dance and whored myself to the media here as other have I could slap a €1000+ price tag on this seminar…then market the shit out of it and sell it out a few times over….do you guys not think it is funny?

Anyway…it doesn’t really matter as like I said…if one person showed up I’d be happy enough with that and I will probably put a ceiling on the number anyway. I’m thinking maybe 10. We’ll see how it goes.


4 thoughts on “I knew this would be the case…

  1. If I wasn’t saving up to go to Thailand, I’d seriously consider coming over for a visit …

    But I’m still willing to pay dollars for a video of the seminar 🙂 … screw the production quality and marketing … all I want is the info ;P

    Happy New Year btw.

  2. Cheryl and I would love to come for a visit but the cold, damp weather would wreak havoc on her back and hips. Please reschedule this event for when it is sunny and warm in Dublin.


  3. Wait a sec I thought YOU were paying US to show up. After all we’d be helping you out by giving you more people to injure/cripple for life/ruin financially. Maybe not though.

    As for only foreigners turning up, that’s Ireland. Nobody in Ireland who does anything is appreciated until they go international!

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