Let me make something clear…

…these are not instructional videos.

Monkey see monkey do…this is why all my athletes have such great form and technique…how could they not with a role model like this!

I only say this because apparently some moron on an Irish fitness board was commenting on what a bad coach I apparently am…the reason I say that this particular individual is a moron is because his evidence for my lack of coaching prowess was apparently the following:

Judging by the form of some of the athletes in his videos, I wouldn’t be asking him for advice on weightlifting.

I know he uses the excuse that max outs don’t have to be pretty…. but if you’ve solid form to start with you’ll have it at any weight.


Edit: Does he even use oly lifts with his athletes?

1. I haven’t posted very many Oly lifting videos but I don’t think my athletes are too bad considering what I’ve seen elsewhere.

2. I tend to post videos that are ‘interesting’ rather than ‘instructional’ and to give people a ‘feel’ for what is going on in sessions.

3. I don’t ‘set up’ videos…I post stuff as is…because I think most of the stuff that I see elsewhere on the web is absolutely a ‘set up’…which is fine if you are posting videos as ‘instructional’ but I think it is pretty disingenuous if you are trying to present it as ‘ordinary’ training session or exercise.

4. I don’t actually make ‘excuses’ for form and don’t remember ever doing so…even when that other idiot TruthAxe was going on with that rubbish regarding ROK I agreed that her form was far from perfect…and that was why we were working on it.

5. I’d love to follow this individual around the gym and film him training…I bet every single exercise and session he did could be picked to pieces if he were training anywhere close to maximal…and that would be a stupid thing to do…as stupid as him saying I’m a poor coach because he’s seen my videos.

6. I can post plenty of videos of Olympic level weightlifters displaying poor form and missing lifts….what the hell would that mean? I have been lucky enough to train with and beside Olympic weightlifting medallists and have seen plenty of less than perfect form on display in training.

Anyway…I just wanted to pass on my thanks to all those people (you know who you are) that email me links to this sort of stuff whenever and wherever it appears on the internet in the hopes of baiting me into going and annoying these people out there on the interweb. I can tell you now though that I will never post on that site…the level of advice and discussion there generally is probably amongst the worst I’ve seen on the internet with regard fitness and training. My New Years resolution will be to resist arguing with idiots as they drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience! That site let me tell you has more experience than most.

As an aside…I don’t actually consider myself an Olympic lifting coach…mainly because it doesn’t play a huge part in my day to day coaching. I think to really coach it well like anything else you need to be exposed to it often and consistently. As well as that I don’t really think it provides the effects that people believe it does with regard to improving sports performance along with the fact that I think there are better ways to provide the performance returns that most people pursuing Olympic lifting are looking for in the first place.


2 thoughts on “Let me make something clear…

  1. lylemcd said…
    And anyhow, we all know the truth: you can’t be a very good coach because you don’t actually train anybody for real in the first place.

    Everyone in your gym is a paid actor.
    I had a friend who works with a major sporting organisation ring me last week to tell me that he was just at a meeting and was told that…I had gone broke and that the gym was closed…which naturally was news to me. As long as they are talking about me I suppose I don’t have too much to complain about.

    Michael Sullivan said…
    Anyone reading this blog useful information deserves exactly what they get.
    I’ve made that point myself on numerous occasions…I might have to put a disclaimer on the top of the blog.

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