Ancient History…trying to clear my ‘task’ list

adrienl said…
hi will some impressive playing of the internets by yourself has lead me to ask some questions.
firstly when you use these blocks of strength conditioing what affect/s are you seeing over more traditional strength then cardio separate.
I just find it works better time wise. The intensity of the cardio work tends to be higher and the intensity of the strength work tends to be higher. This work is usually done in pairs and I think all the athletes that do this type of work will agree with that. You always tend to surprise yourself with regard to how hard you can push…I think that’s a good thing with regard to what we are actually training for…sports performance.

I guess the big benefits are time and learning to work hard with resistance.
Second when you gave ian those blocks of hundred reps are they groove technique or for something else entirely?
Because it is hard…and people are competitive…and because I know that athletes will do it faster each time…at least over 3 or 4 consecutive sessions…it is also different…and that is good sometimes just for that reason.

lastly for this post when you say you like to try everything on yourself 1st how strict are you with this rule. It almost seems impossible that one could see all of the strength and conditioning worlds offers in one lifetime, so do you bend this rule or just look at specific conditions that you are most likely to encounter?
There is A LOT less variety than you think…outside of the truely stupid and ridiculous crap.

Hi will thanks again for replying and this new post has lead to a few questions.
First is there some way we can contribute to this blog beyond just asking questions, (i was thinking of providing ourselves as datapoints kind of like what kira mentioned in a comment this week).
Now on to the good stuff (hopefully)
About trying to balance athletes i realise and see the need to balance them out, but can you get to a point where they become too normalised and lose the adaptions that come from and are necessary to playing their sport.
No….that just never happens.

My line of thinking here is mainly for throwing sports and the right to left and internal to external dominance that you normally see.
I’ve a professional tennis player…no matter what I did in the gym…even if I did an hour a day…that isn’t going to override the 5hrs a day he spends on court.

Staying with the shoulders when you programme the high volumes of inverted rows and pushups are these there for the athlets shoulder health as the main objective.

Also if an athletes shoulders are shocking what pressing pulling exercises do you generally put into ensure they stay strong but are still staying safe and fixing the problem.
I’ve had athletes with shoulder issues that haven’t done any ‘pressing’ movements for months at a time. This is a case by case issue…there just aren’t ‘general’ answers.

Last 2
So staying with this theme of health for athletes you generally program more front core work than low back work, what has lead you to this decision over the years of traing, ie costs and benefits of one versus the other. Or do you find that focusing of posterior leg strength takes care of this for you.
This is not the case…ask anyone I coach how much time they spend doing reverse hypers, back extensions, good mornings, deadlifts, squats and so on. I would generally say most athletes do more posterior than anterior trunk work…keeping in mind that I think generally we do a lot/more than most.

Lastly what band do you mostly use in the test that barry ian and the rest have performed.
A ‘red’ or light iron woody band.

Thanks again for repeating yourself i am sure we will get it sooner or later

Ian Mellis said…
What about mobility work pre strength work? Any specific rolling/ soft tissue drills that you favour/ if at all- jesus Will work for your money if your going to have an inner circle or an imaginary product you have to fix all shoulder problems with one template!
Nothing general…I do give individual athletes individual stuff to do…be that foam rolling, band work, static or dynamic stretching etc…on a needs be basis.

adrienl said…
quick question will
With regards to the 3rd video are we looking for his ability to correctly poistion his scapula when straigthening or just at the general way his muscles sit when straightening. I see the imbalance is the muscles but wonder what the test has over just looking at his back and saying “yep your are one mixed up mofo give me money”
thanks again
I was really just looking to see what his ‘symmetry’ was like and I wouldn’t normally video this. He actually doesn’t look as bad on video as he does in real life…symmetry wise that is…looks wise he definitely looks just as bad no matter how he is viewed.


3 thoughts on “Ancient History…trying to clear my ‘task’ list

  1. hey thanks a lot for that will i thought you had forgetton about one of your 2 aussie readers
    As usual i realised that i need to be more specific
    Also if when you get less busy we were to give you a few tests could you do a quick critique to see what is good and what is bad
    Thanks for your time

  2. adrienl said…
    hey thanks a lot for that will i thought you had forgetton about one of your 2 aussie readers
    As usual i realised that i need to be more specific
    Also if when you get less busy we were to give you a few tests could you do a quick critique to see what is good and what is bad
    Thanks for your time
    1. Had no idea you were Australian and if I did I forgot about it…but don’t worry…I’m not racist…I hate everyone equally.
    2. If you ask specific questions you will get specific answers.
    3. I have no idea what the fuck you are rambling on about with regard to tests.

  3. what i meant was the tests that you are always harping on about such as pushups and rows in a minute and their ilk but thanks for replying anyway.

    Damn that sounds like i am pissed or something sorry

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