I got an email about ‘The Bet’

You know the one…where a bunch of lads bet me I couldn’t bench 180kg’s. It took me all of 18 days to do it once I pulled my finger out and actually set about training for it…well this is where things stand a month later…you be the judge!

Brophy – €75 (Paid)
Nasher – €25 (Paid)
Jimmy – €50 (Paid)

Bushy – €100 (Unpaid)
Penguin – €75 (Unpaid)
Logi – €75 (Unpaid)
Killer – €25 (Unpaid)
Louis – €25 (Unpaid)


3 thoughts on “I got an email about ‘The Bet’

  1. Which do you think will happen first?

    1. These guys pay up on your bench press bet?

    2. Carl and Clubelite actully man up and set a date.


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