I hate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

I hate it mainly because I am so crap at it. The whole idea of fighting for me is to be the one standing when the fight finishes.

We weren’t really doing BJJ tonight but submission wrestling with these BJJ guys always leaves you wanting to knaw on the leg that these spaghetti armed and legged bastards have wrapped around your throat.

There is nothing worse than the feeling of picking up one of these guys and slamming them on the ground then finding yourself tapping 15 seconds later…thinking to myself…wasn’t I winning this fight 15 seconds ago. I was wrestling with Olli tonight and I swear this guy could choke himself out with his own legs. It was like wrestling Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic 4.

What I also hate is that I can get guys on the ground…I can get to full mount…then I basically sit there thinking…what the hell do I do now…I always just feel like letting them back up and throwing them on the ground again…I love that bit.

I also was pretty close to pulling off an awesome ‘piledriver’ this evening…Jonny can be thankful that my conscious got the better of me…just as I was thankful later on when he got me in a rear naked choke and decided not to chop my head off or squeeze so hard that it popped off like a champagne cork.

I am really enjoying training…and I am feeling SO MUCH better now fitness wise. The first week was all about just surviving…now at least I can not only get through the sessions but can actually try and do something in them…not that I have a clue what I am doing but I sure as hell look busy while I am doing whatever it is.


3 thoughts on “I hate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  1. Maybe we should change the bet: when you get bored with this and quit, you have to get a Brazillian wax (ask your wife) and put photos of it on the blog.

    That would drive traffic through the roof but it would mainly be gay powerbear types reading.


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