I knew this would be the case…

…I have three times as many people coming to my seminar from overseas as are coming from Ireland.

Now…in fairness…I’m just being dramatic for the sake of comedy value and because I wanted something to right about but I do think it is worth mentioning and laughing about the fact that so far one local…that being Barry…has said they will attend versus three foreigners…one from as far away as Pakistan have said they will come.

It says a lot about Ireland and Irish sport in general I think. If over last few years I had excepted some of the job offers I’ve had from outside of Ireland or if I made a bigger song and dance and whored myself to the media here as other have I could slap a €1000+ price tag on this seminar…then market the shit out of it and sell it out a few times over….do you guys not think it is funny?

Anyway…it doesn’t really matter as like I said…if one person showed up I’d be happy enough with that and I will probably put a ceiling on the number anyway. I’m thinking maybe 10. We’ll see how it goes.


Principles of Strength and Conditioning

I am putting on my seminar on the 7th and 8th of February 2009. It is going to go ahead even if only 1 person shows up. I’m going to come back to post and fill out all the details and specifics so check back here if you are interested in attending. I just wanted to ‘announce’ it because I said I would set a date before Christmas.

So you have your date now…more information to come.

Proposed Seminar Format

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Let me make something clear…

…these are not instructional videos.

Monkey see monkey do…this is why all my athletes have such great form and technique…how could they not with a role model like this!

I only say this because apparently some moron on an Irish fitness board was commenting on what a bad coach I apparently am…the reason I say that this particular individual is a moron is because his evidence for my lack of coaching prowess was apparently the following:

Judging by the form of some of the athletes in his videos, I wouldn’t be asking him for advice on weightlifting.

I know he uses the excuse that max outs don’t have to be pretty…. but if you’ve solid form to start with you’ll have it at any weight.


Edit: Does he even use oly lifts with his athletes?

1. I haven’t posted very many Oly lifting videos but I don’t think my athletes are too bad considering what I’ve seen elsewhere.

2. I tend to post videos that are ‘interesting’ rather than ‘instructional’ and to give people a ‘feel’ for what is going on in sessions.

3. I don’t ‘set up’ videos…I post stuff as is…because I think most of the stuff that I see elsewhere on the web is absolutely a ‘set up’…which is fine if you are posting videos as ‘instructional’ but I think it is pretty disingenuous if you are trying to present it as ‘ordinary’ training session or exercise.

4. I don’t actually make ‘excuses’ for form and don’t remember ever doing so…even when that other idiot TruthAxe was going on with that rubbish regarding ROK I agreed that her form was far from perfect…and that was why we were working on it.

5. I’d love to follow this individual around the gym and film him training…I bet every single exercise and session he did could be picked to pieces if he were training anywhere close to maximal…and that would be a stupid thing to do…as stupid as him saying I’m a poor coach because he’s seen my videos.

6. I can post plenty of videos of Olympic level weightlifters displaying poor form and missing lifts….what the hell would that mean? I have been lucky enough to train with and beside Olympic weightlifting medallists and have seen plenty of less than perfect form on display in training.

Anyway…I just wanted to pass on my thanks to all those people (you know who you are) that email me links to this sort of stuff whenever and wherever it appears on the internet in the hopes of baiting me into going and annoying these people out there on the interweb. I can tell you now though that I will never post on that site…the level of advice and discussion there generally is probably amongst the worst I’ve seen on the internet with regard fitness and training. My New Years resolution will be to resist arguing with idiots as they drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience! That site let me tell you has more experience than most.

As an aside…I don’t actually consider myself an Olympic lifting coach…mainly because it doesn’t play a huge part in my day to day coaching. I think to really coach it well like anything else you need to be exposed to it often and consistently. As well as that I don’t really think it provides the effects that people believe it does with regard to improving sports performance along with the fact that I think there are better ways to provide the performance returns that most people pursuing Olympic lifting are looking for in the first place.

Day 36-42

Going to attempt to make this a good training week. Didn’t get off to a good start yesterday. I was basically stuck at the computer working from when I woke till 11pm last night and hardly had a chance to answer mail or annoy people on the interweb…and I always try to make time for that…no matter how busy I am.

This week is basically about maintenance…I want to maintain my weight at or around 110kg and keep the off mat portion of my training on track. I feel great at the moment and am looking forward to the Christmas and New Year period being over and everything getting back to normal in the New Year.

I’ll be doing some testing between Christmas and New Years as well so we’ll see where I’m at then.

Rest Day…too much work to do and not enough time to do it.

I weighed in tonight…109.6kg…and yes…I had a witness. Pretty happy that I’ve been able to maintain and manage my body weight so close to where I wanted it.

Bike – 25 mins
Ab Circuit:
Hanging Leg Raises – 3×10
JF Laterals – 3×10 each side

Standing Ab Pulldowns – 3×10
KB Side Rolls – 3×10 each side
Ab Roll Outs – 3×10
1A Horizontal Band Pull-A-Parts – 3×10
1B Vertical Band Pull-A-Parts – 3×10
2A Pull Up + Curl – 5×4’s
2B Elevated Push Ups + Knee Raises – 5×8’s

Bike – 20 mins

Went to the gym…warm up…started my session and just felt like crap so stopped. Did a bit but nothing worth mentioning really.


Note: It’s Christmas morning and I feel like absolute crap. I think I’ve managed to work myself into the ground…I blame my non existent job and the long hours I’ve not been working…I had a bit of a cough yesterday…but today I am properly sick…the cough, congestion and I have the ‘sickness sweats’ so no training today. Going to spend my Christmas day sleeping I think in the hope that the rest will have me sorted out.

I am having a prolonged near death experience…no sleep due to hacking cough…constantly alternating between chills and full body sweating…along with soreness in every joint in my body. Not the Christmas and New Year period I was looking forward to.

Still sick as a dog but managed to drag my carcass to work. Thankfully stumbled onto the right combination of over the counter medications after going through cough syrups like it was some sort of wine tasting…my personal recommendation is Benylin 4Flu Tablets stacked with Nurofen Plus tablets…a fantastic oral only cycle.

No longer feel like I am on my death bed. The medication I’m taking has worked a treat. Not coughing anywhere near as much and when I do cough I no longer feel like my head is going to explode.

I think it is going to be a few more days before I am back ready to train.

If you happen to be feeling cerebral

I thought some of you reading this blog might find this interesting…as if you are reading my blog you are obviously incredibly intelligent and discerning readers.

The following is an excerpt from Malcolm Gladwell’s book…a link to the book on Amazon you’ll find right here. He also has a blog…that you’ll find here.

I’m not sure whether I am infringing some sort of copyright here but Malcolm if you are reading this…I’ve ordered your book myself…and maybe someone else here will as well.

Anyway…here’s the excerpt of from the book that appeared originally in The Guardian.

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A quick update on the lack of updates

Apologies for not being in a position to post anything of late for you all to waste your time reading. Normal service will resume shortly I promise.

I’ve had too much work to do of late and not enough time to do it…and I know you all believe me when I say that because people should know full well by now that there is nothing I like better than wasting my time updating my blog and generally annoying people on the interweb.

In the news this week:
1. I weighed in last Tuesday at 109.8kg…not that it’s news but I forgot to put that in my diary at the time.
2. Haven’t trained as well as I would have liked this week but that was unavoidable.
3. Everyone else has trained pretty well…next week things should be quieter work wise so I am planning on doing a bit of an update of where people are at.
4. ROK is still not dead or injured.

I should of got her to hold a newspaper while she was doing these.
5. The weekend presentation/coaching extravaganza is coming together quite well and as I said I will name a date and set it in concrete before Xmas.

I have to get back to work so more news on everything and anything in the not too distant future.