Kira’s Session

kira said…
Okay, so my training partner and I just did the workout … here’s how the main parts went (I had to change a few exercises again so both of us could do it)…

1 set of 10 x 8 sprawl jumps (it was difficult, but I thought that was more from the fact I hadn’t done the exercise before)
How much rest did you take between sets?

What I look for here is really high quality anaerobic work. Don’t sacrifice quality just for the sake of getting through it.

deadlift 80kg … 44 reps
olympic ring pullups … 22 reps
pushups … 88 reps
This looks like a good strength block.

2 set of 10 x 8 sprawljump (dry reached after 8th set).
Same question as above…how much rest between block of work and how much rest between sets?

24kg kettlebell press … 20 reps/side
25kg sandbag squat … 40 reps
rope inverted rows … 20 reps
This looks good as well.

3 set of 10 x 8 sprawl jump reps (difficult … but I finally got the hang of the movement).

Same questions as above. If anything though I think this would of worked better the other way around. 3 sets first, then 2 sets and finish with just 1 set.

Few questions …

I know the sprawl jump is physically tiring, but would it be useful to substitute it for something more sports specific for me (no sprawling in muay thai)?
Absolutely…do tuck jumps instead.

I could definitely put more intensity into a movement I’m good at (like round kicks or punch combos)

I found that the deadlift in the first block and the kettlebell press in the second block were the hardest exercises … the other exercises (at that rep range) were easy) … is that right? Or am I really weak in these two lifts?
Ideally what you want is to try and find a rep range with each exercise that makes them all equally as difficult relatively speaking.

Anyway …

I really liked the workout and so did my training partner …

thanks for that … we’ll tinker with it a bit (we love to tinker) and see if we can make it even more fun 😉
Sounds good to me.


2 thoughts on “Kira’s Session

  1. Jeez, I get my own post … cool 🙂

    Sorry about the misunderstanding …

    IN TOTAL we did THREE blocks (of 10 sets x 8 reps) of sprawl jumps in the ENTIRE workout.

    First block of sprawl jumps we had 30 sec rest between sets.

    Second block of sprawl jumps we had 45 sec rest

    Third block of sprawl jumps we had 60 sec rest.

    Will said …

    Absolutely…do tuck jumps instead.

    Cool. Still unsure of the methodology you use to determine rep range … Do you just pick enough reps that enable you to finish the sets between 15 and 20 seconds?

    Will said …

    Ideally what you want is to try and find a rep range with each exercise that makes them all equally as difficult relatively speaking.

    In that case, next time I’ll give the following rep ranges per set a go …

    deadlifts 4 reps
    pullups 4 reps
    pushups 10 reps

    kettlebell press 2 reps/side
    sandbag squat 6 reps
    rope inverted rows 4 reps

    On Thursday I’ll do the workout with an MMA fighter I know and see how he goes.

    Thanks again.

    btw, my arse is sore from the deadlifts (not an “I’ve just been man-loved by an elephant—kinda sore”, but it’s at least “an extended foreplay with his trunk”—kinda sore)


  2. That all sounds good to me.

    Pick the anaerobic stuff that would initially take you 20 seconds to complete so that eventually it takes you closer to 15 rather than 20 seconds.

    From the sounds of your arse pain…the session seems to have done the job.

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