She made it through another week…

…without me killing her.

These were the squats got so many peoples panties in a twist.

Like I’ve said lots of times…I don’t ‘set up’ videos. We video a lot of stuff in training…probably about 30-40 minutes worth of video every single day…obviously it doesn’t all get posted and obviously it isn’t all perfect…I don’t see many of the people who seem so quick to offer criticism rushing to post all their videos of their athletes training though? Funny that.


3 thoughts on “She made it through another week…

  1. Michael Sullivan said…
    The athlete in the top video was obviously Suisse.
    It is pronounced Susan you idiot.

    Anonymous said…
    Tell that loser on the pullup bar to stop loafing!
    He was waiting for his massage…but even when he’s training he still looks like he’s loafing.

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