I thought this was pretty cool

It was posted on the internet…I think they were having a go at me…I can’t really tell these days.

It is actually Johnny Molloy an under 20’s player who is also doing his best to nail down a position at prop on the senior team. Johnny’s doing reps here floor pressing 50kg dumbbells in each hand. If they are having a go at me they probably picked on one of the worst people to actually single out…he’s a kid with a 300+kg deadlift…no suit, no belt, no wraps and a 170+kg raw bencher…not too many kids doing that…in actual fact…there wouldn’t actually be many professional senior international players doing that…so if there was really a Team Heffernan…I’d be proud to have Johnny Molloy in my team.


2 thoughts on “I thought this was pretty cool

  1. lylemcd said…
    Floor presses for non-powerlifters are gay.
    Where did ‘Anonymous’ go? Australian Anonymous left rather suddenly…West Coast Anonymous also seems quiet? I missed their astute and ever accurate observations.

    I will try to get some footage tomorrow of Johnny showing people just how non-gay floor pressing is.

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