You have to guess what happened here?

I’ll give you a hint…the same thing that happens whenever anyone doubts me or bets against me…they get smoked.

Can you guess what happened?

As an aside…have a look at the size of that honker!

Even with Mick trying to sabotage me by cutting off my supplement supply and a super hard week of cardio and intervals…meaning I weighed in at 115.9kg today…still had enough to get the job done.

I’ll give you a hint if you still don’t know…then check this out. By the way the reason it is a week later than planned is because some of the lads couldn’t be there last week…so wanted to move it to this week.

Just so we all know where we stand:
Brophy – €75 (Paid)
Penguin – €75 (Unpaid)
Logi – €75 (Unpaid)
Nasher – €25 (Unpaid)
Killer – €25 (Unpaid)
Louis – €25 (Unpaid)
Jimmy – €50 (Unpaid)
and lastly…Bushy…who was sooooo convinced I wasn’t going to get it that he went in for €100 (Unpaid)

I would also like to say to all those others who wanted to pile in against me who I stopped from betting for their own sake…never ever bet against me doing anything that I’m told that I can’t….simple as that.


10 thoughts on “You have to guess what happened here?

  1. Lisa said…
    The amount of testosterone in the gym today was insane!!
    It was good fun though wasn’t it?

    kira said…
    Orca! Orca! Orca!
    Won’t be for long…I’m actually going to have to control/slow my fat loss…when I have a goal…as I do now…I have a tendency of going at it too hard. I actually dropped 4kg this week. I’m going to have to ease it back a little.

  2. Clubelite was right, you are a fraud. All I saw was a video of you lifting and putting a bar down in a rack, not the lift.

    You, sir, are a charlatan.

    Kyle MaCDougal

  3. lylemcd said…
    Clubelite was right, you are a fraud. All I saw was a video of you lifting and putting a bar down in a rack, not the lift.
    Actually the video is a couple of minutes long and includes footage of Barney(the worlds worst spotter)looking at me for about 30seconds thinking I was going to lift off 180kg on my own…I put up what I did specifically to annoy people like yourself. If you want to see full footage of the lift you need to subscribe to my ‘Premium Blog’….that’s where I put all the real athletes up and include footage of me not wrecking athletes.

    You, sir, are a charlatan.
    This is actually true..I can’t deny that.

    lylemcd said…
    And Sarah says you’re still fat.
    It takes one to know one.

    I’ve actually dropped a good bit this week. Going to lift my conditioning significantly…doing more aerobic stuff on the bike and anaerobic stuff on the rower. Will do more conditioning work on my feet once I drop some more weight. I start fight training on Monday and will be going at it pretty hard and have a friend who is a yoga instructor who’s going to help me with my bendiness. I think the fatness will drop pretty quickly (lost 4kg this week) and like I said in the post I think that is actually too fast. A pound or 2 of fat a week would be perfect.

    Fat Sound said…
    I am fatterz.
    Point this out to Sarah…I told you…it takes one to know one.

  4. Lisa said…
    Actually yeah, it was great fun.
    It is the best make believe gym with the best make believe athletes ever.

    You’re not quite all there I’ve decided 🙂
    I don’t think that is the best kept secret in the world.

  5. that video is a total set up. i know for a fact that there is no way he can bench press 180kgs. this guy is a total fraud. he was thrown off the fitness section of because he was making up stuff about people he was supposed to have coached and the moderators there found him out. beware of this guy and do not buy any of his products. you have been warned!!

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