Which session do you think is worse?

Session A
Rower – 10x150m with 30sec recovery
50 Box Jumps
50 Pull Ups
100 Elevated Push Ups
Rower – 10x150m with 45sec recovery
50 Trap Bar Deadlifts (100kg)
50 bench Press (60kg)
100 Inverted Rows
Rower – 10x150m with 60sec recovery

Don’t you hate it when plans go wrong.

Do people on the internet really think that no one has ever punched me in the face before?

Flaps look like he’s about to lose his lunch.

Session B
Treadmill – 300m Sprint/100m Walk by 10
50 KB Squats
50 KB Rows (each arm)
100 Push Ups
Treadmill – 300m Sprint/100m Walk by 8
50 KB Reverse Lunges (each side)
50 KB Press (each arm)
100 Hanging Leg Raises
Treadmill – 300m Sprint/100m Walk by 6

Session C
Bike – 10km
50 Step Ups (40kg)
50 Bent Over Barbell Rows (60kg)
100 Push Ups
Bike – 8km
50 Box Squats (60kg)
50 DB Press (60kg)
50 Back Extensions
Bike – 6km

All the sessions are done as fast as is possible. The strength blocks are timed and reordered. You can break down the strength blocks into whatever set and rep variations you like…you just have to complete it all….above you can see what happens when calculations go wrong.


10 thoughts on “Which session do you think is worse?

  1. They all have bits I hate. I’d say B because of all the single arm work, C cos of the bike which I hate, and A because of the deadlift.

  2. garrett said…
    ah ok commented before the videos were up how long did it take the lads
    15mins for the first block and 18 mins for the second.

  3. garrett said…
    sorry Will do you mind explaining that again , those times are for everything except the rowing?
    That’s correct. That is the time for each of the strength blocks.

    Anonymous said…
    How long are you going to keep up this pathetic masquerade pretending that you train athletes, Heffernan?
    I still get those emails…telling me that people have seen these videos before on bodybuilding.com and that I’m a fraud etc etc. I love it…I love the internet.

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