Functional Strength Training for Gaelic Footballers

I forgot all about this…I have been presenting this seminar for the Dublin GAA Coaching and Games Development Department for a while now and the reminder just popped up in my diary.

I will be held at Craobh Chiaráin from 7.30pm till 9.30pm. If you are interested in attending the cost is subsidised by the good folks at Dublin GAA so the cost at the door will only be €10. You’ll find the club here if you don’t know already.

I’ll basically be covering the following:
The strength requirements of Gaelic Football.
Strength testing.
On field and in gym strength training for Gaeilic Footballers.


One thought on “Functional Strength Training for Gaelic Footballers

  1. Will is supposed to be involved in Irish Football. I’ve heard from a friend there that he had asked around an no one had ever heard of him. They did some checking around and he has not been involved with any club players in Ireland let alone with any county players. More lies from the fattest, most unfit supposed coach in Ireland. When are people going to catch on. This person is not who or what he says he is.

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