It’s all about the money…

It’s all about the money…

…everybody seems to be training now only for cash…it takes a bet to get any one do do any thing…which is fair enough I suppose…I just wonder how bad the credit crunch is going to hurt training!

Some…how should I put this…let’s just say…heavier athlete was complaining about it being ‘unfair’ to praise lighter guys pull ups…so Hogie had enough…put on the x-vest and loaded it up so that he weighed as much plus some and banged out as many plus 3 pull ups.

So then the bet was double or nothing that Daz could do 11 pull ups and equal Hogie and the time and place was set….

Daz decided he’d go double or nothing and try to break his previous best to match Hogies effort at 101.7kg’s.

I need to have a meeting with Hogie because he obviously doesn’t realise this is a Lat Pulldown machine!

As you may or may not know Ian came over from the UK to visit…you might know him better as ‘ian said….’ of endless comments and questions fame on the blog.

To cut what is going to be a long story a little shorter at least. Ian hung out for a couple of days watching me do little to nothing and learning more from the people I coach than he did from me….which is pretty much par for the course.

Damian was helping him with his rowing technique…I think Ian only fell out of the boat once.

Yesterday we basically had a look at him and did some assessments to see where he was at…..

Some over head med ball squats

What I always do is basically just tell some one what I want them to do…as basically as possible…sort of like David Attenborough I like to observe animals/athletes in their natural environment then see if it is something that can be coached out of them with instruction…so in this case….try to keep the ball over your head, sit back more and keep a tight arch in your back…and this is what I got.

Do you see much difference? The only good bit to come out of this assessment was the fact that he blew the arse out of his pants.

After the highlight of the pants exploding it just went downhill after that.

I can’t believe he asked me before this why I thought he might be having a strange sensation when he does push ups?

More curves in that spine than the there is in the Monaco Gran Prix.

Anyway…like I said…this is a long story cut shorter but essentially next week I’ll outline what we’re going to do with Ian. He can explain what he got out of it and what he wants to do and what his goals are and I’ll do my coaching bit…that’s the bit where I say…shut up and just do what I say.


One thought on “It’s all about the money…

  1. hey will would it be possible to see a version of those 2 tests where the athlete is performing them how you would like ian to be doing them. jUST so we can get an idea of where he lacks and thus why you are doing what you are doing with him.
    Thanks again for your time

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