Mission Accomplished

Although I have a feeling that just like when I last saw that written that it may not be true. I’ve finished everything in my ‘to do’ list…although I’m sure I’ve probably missed something.

Anyway…today was also the start of what just might be Mission Impossible. Firstly, the bet is now up to €450. I’m actually going to sit down at some stage tomorrow to layout a template to hopefully get me across the line on the day. I’m going to have to play it by ear a little because today I’m absolutely aching…yesterday I did the following:

Warmed up…did some shoulder prehab stuff…warmed up on the bench…worked up to 140kg’s…which felt UNBELIEVABLY heavy…then tried 160kg and failed miserably…this was due to Rob offering me €200 if I could do it…I went back and tried 150kg and failed at that as well…did some inverted rows afterwards and thought long and hard about what I got myself into.

So I’ll have to just try and train as smart as possible and get as much work done between now and then.

Did some back work today and didn’t feel to bad so we’ll see how I get on come the 1st of November.


One thought on “Mission Accomplished

  1. Not that I’m demanding or anything but could you stop training for that Christmas bonus and do a quick rant about conditioning for combat sports (MMA)? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the process.

    If you record that other rant about your alledged poor injury track record and get someone to add some backing music I think you’d have a number one on your hands.

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