I love Olympic Lifting

The thing is that I don’t think it is contributing what people think it is contributing when it comes to sport performance.

Here are a few comments with regard to a previous post:

garrett said…
I was just trying to make the point that if you are using olympic lifting to help with your rugby or Gaa or whatever there is already a high enough chance of injury without your lifting contributing on top.

I agree…I was just pushing your buttons because I can.

So wouldnt it make sense then to go and learn how to do the lifts properly so you can get the most benefit out of it and not injure yourself in the process. Same for benching squatting whatever.
Absolutely agree…the problem is that the Olympic lifts are complex and take not only technical ability but a large amount of functional mobility and stability that is not necessarily essential for other sports…think how much functional mobility is needed to snatch versus how much is needed to run.

This takes a lot of functional mobility and stability.

This does too…but in a completely different way.

So for most athletes not only is there a significant amount of time needed to master the technical aspects of the lifts but an significant amount of time would also be required to attain the functional mobility and stability needed.

For most non professional athletes just finding the time to do any training is difficult enough and all that I am saying is that I use what will give me the most bang for my euro with regard to maximising sports performance…in far and away the most cases…that is not Olympic lifting.

I think someone that competes in Olympic lifting is probably going to be pushing a bit harder on the lifts than someone who is using them as part of a training program for their main sport but I think the incidence of injury would be a lot lower than soceer , rugby or GAA ?
I agree…the point that I am making is that for many athletes who are Olympic lifting as part of their training program for their sport is that they are skinning the wrong cat.

Barry Oglesby said…
I see what you’re trying to say regarding injury rates in conditioning. But surely something badly performed is going to cause injury no matter what it is?

I agree.

For my money I’ve never seen many people injured by cleans but I have seen plenty of people done by deadlifting for example.
You need to get out more…I’ve seen plenty of people injure themselves doing both.

I can’t vouch for all of their techniques of course, I didn’t train them but that would be my anecdotal experience for what it’s worth. (Given that far more people dead than clean).
I’m glad you said this because I think this is the important point…no where near as many people Oly lift as deadlift. The other thing is that no one hurts themselves deadlifting or Olympic lifting with just the bar…get groups mediocre technique wise and strength wise with both and see what happens then.

Can you expand a bit on what you see are the greater dangers in O-lifting?

I think this question may be a result of my incoherent rambling and hopefully I’ve cleared my views on the issue…if not ask me again?


Girls Bare Arse

…that’s the query on AOL that lead somebody to my site.

I kid you not. I just thought I’d share that with you. I’m really not reaching my obvious target market.

Another query…’What would I look like if I put on 10kg’ also led someone here.

Squatting is overated

I’ve been reading a few threads online…and laughing to myself…but also thinking about how big a gap their is between what I take for granted and what people out there on the interweb actually know.

Let me tell you something for free…squatting…and while we’re at it…deadlifting are massively overrated when it comes to sports performance.

I won’t go into detail here…because god knows I really need my beauty sleep…but squatting and deadlifting are far more important for intermediate athletes than beginners or advanced athletes.

Most beginners whether they be athletes or general trainees are not ‘ready’ to squat or deadlift when they first walk into the gym and there is a lot of work that can be done to ensure when they are ready they can perform these exercises properly and safely.

Most advanced athletes can similarly maintain their squat and deadlift number utilising squat and deadlift variations as well as supplementary exercises that massively decrease the risk of injury.

The reason that I think these exercises…particularly squatting is overrated is because I don’t see the correlation between squat numbers and on field performance…sure I have great squatters who perform excellently in their chosen sports but equally have poor squatters…in number terms…who perform excellently in their chosen sport despite these numbers.

What I see FAR more often is athletes that have ‘balanced’ numbers in the gym who stay injury free and perform consistently at a high level in their chosen sport.

Hey Diddle Diddle

Just wanted to say well done to Sextoy…mainly because like myself when I was his age it is clear for all to see that deep down inside of him like me is a fat man just waiting to get out. He’s done a great job taming his inner fat man this season.

When I saw him doing them all I could think of was this though.

Clearing some stuff up for Joel

This is going to be a little confusing so you’ll have to try and stay with me on this one.

Firstly, I have an observation/comment that I want to share with you. I think Blogger has some sort of comment black hole because the question of Joel’s that I am going to post about here I am sure I have actually commented upon and or answered previously. Has any one else had comments disappear?

Secondly, I was asked about the length of time I spend composing blog posts as well as a number of other questions about what my ‘web strategy’ was this week…all of which I thought was extremely funny because I would of thought the answers were pretty obvious…in that the answers were ‘not long enough’ and ‘I don’t have one’. Anyway I’ll get on with it my latest poorly structured and planned blog post.

So…originally I made this post….I once said something that upset someone and there were a bunch of comments…the last of which was this one from Joel:

joel hallström said…
Good post Kira. Im like ian, aint sure if im qualifed to comment but since will wanted a discussion i though id do it anyway…
Training adaptions are highly specific. The transfer of training gain is much lower in good athletes. Thats why the higher an athletes fitness is, the more specific adaption. For a beginner most exercises are useful and probobly both strength and speed will improve with some simple strength training.
There’s alot of factors that are important do determine the force generated by an athlete, resistance is one.
Lets take an example from “Science and practice of strength training by zatsiorsky”.

– A young athlete begin to train with free weights and at first he can squat his BW. In vertical jump he does 40 cm. After 2 years he can squat 2xBW and his vertical jump increases to 60 cm. After two more years he can squat 3xBW. However, his jump performance is not improved because the short takeoff time (the rate of force development) rather than maximal absolute force that now is the limiting factor. Many good athletes need to develop rate of force but continue to train for maximal muscular strength.

I would guess thats why Will have some numbers (depending on what sport you do) that you need to get up to. And until you get to those number there’s not that need for developing rate of force since the strength is your limiting factor.

Then later he said this…mainly because he assumed I was dodging the questions.

joel hallström said…
Maybe i should have been more precise. When you get your athletes up to 1.5 BW squat and 2 BW squat, how do you change their program? Do you put in more of plyometrics, explosive training and so on?

So I’ll try to list the main points and answer them once and for all.

1. That I have some numbers (depending on what sport you do) that you need to get up to.

I have pretty much the same standards for all sports and all athletes…which are as follows…2 times bodyweight squat or deadlift, 1.5 times bodyweight bench press, 12 reps on pull ups if you are under 100kg and 8 reps if you are over 100kg, 50+ push ups in a minute and 30+ inverted rows. I think these are good standards for any athlete to train for and that the balance between maximum strength, relative strength and muscular endurance is pretty much spot on with regard to overall athletic balance with regard to weight training.

2. And until you get to those number there’s not that need for developing rate of force since the strength is your limiting factor.

This one is a bit of a yes and no answer…in that yes, strength is a limiting factor or something that needs to be improved but no, this doesn’t mean that I don’t do power/speed/dynamic/rate of force development work.

As a coach you need to have a feel for these things…when you see athletes train you need to be able to assess whether they are just not strong enough or are they not coordinated enough or not technically proficient or is lack of speed or power a factor in their inability to display their strength. I have plenty of athletes who are ‘stronger’ than me that don’t bench/squat/deadlift as much as me…my technique is just 50kgs better than theirs…people need to get their heads around the fact that it isn’t necessarily the strongest or most powerful athletes that are the best because you have to remember how you are measuring this strength or power…think about where you are measuring it…in the gym or in the lab in most cases. Too many coaches and athletes get carried away with chasing numbers needlessly.

As for what I do with athletes who hit these numbers…without dodging the question…it depends. Keep in mind the gym testing is just a part of the testing we do…there are speed, agility and fitness tests to consider as well. In simple terms though once athletes are hitting these numbers we are working on improving their power and all the other aspects of their sport and the volume of their weights work is naturally reduced to allow this.

Another Fatness Update…119.1kg today.

As I said in the video I thought I’d put this up as I must supposedly be even fatter than days ago. I think this is rubbish…I was 109.5 on Monday the 6th of November and was 119.1kg this evening. That’s 3 weeks on the dot and people keep saying or making out that I’ve put on 10kg of fat…I find it hard to believe that people are so stupid that they think that 10kg of fat is all it takes to get your bench from 140kg to 180kg…now obviously I’ve put on fat…just not 10kgs. Certainly some of the weight gain is water weight…just not 10kgs of water. I’ve put on some muscle mass and some fat.

There is another bet on the go at the moment…there are details to be worked out but it will essentially involve me maintaining my lean muscle mass while getting down to 10% bodyfat and maintaining that level of body fat for 1 month.

If the money breaks the $US500 mark I’ll do this as well.

I’ve extra motivation now as a young athlete who I’ve never actually coached and has never actually worked with me told me on Saturday…that 1. I am full of shit. 2. That I’ve not coached anyone decent. 3. That other players that I do coach are not as good as him. 4. That I’m not the athlete that he is.

In short I held me tongue as it was basically the sort of stuff that only an 18 year old could say with a straight face.

Phillip Brophy thinks I’m injecting drugs…

…he thinks I’m taking estrogen & cholesterol in massive doses.

This is a photo from France of Mark Sexton and myself arguing at the beach about who’s the most ripped out of the two of us.

Mark and I don’t always fight…this is us in better times…I always give my athletes the love and respect they deserve.

You wouldn’t believe what I have to do to get Mark to training.

This is a photo from Pre Season after Mark got back from Inter-Railing…I really had to coax him into interval training.

Consuming the world…one calorie at a time

I know the blog has been pretty lame this week…I do promise I will make it a blogtastic weekend…have a heap of stuff I want to post just haven’t had the time this week.

So as promised…here’s a fatness update.

Not sure how fat I am percentage wise…maybe Lyle with have a guess.

So 118.3kg today and only a couple of kilograms away from what I think will be my optimal benching weight.

As I said…I’ve a good bit of stuff to post over the weekend so feel free to all go back to online gambling or looking at porn or whatever else you do on the interweb till then.