Running late but..,.

…I thought I’d quickly throw this up…more to come.

Push Progression

Everyday I have is the same…I’m running late again…but here’s another one.

Inverted Row Progressions


6 thoughts on “Running late but..,.

  1. What percentage of your athletes need to use these progressions?
    I would think that not very many do but a larger portion of your group training clients do.

  2. hi will thanks for responding and putting up those videos not that i have watched them yet, but will soon (has that joke gotten old yet).
    in regards to that forgotten answer to a question you forget, it came from the blog post titled a change of pace from the august files and was about the wave loading implemented on the squats and cleans. While i realise this will probably give me the secrets necessary for 200 pushups in half a second a small explanation of why it was used then would be nice, though i don’t want to pressure you.
    Also with regards to the testing what type of hand width do you allow, want or prohibit in regards to the pushups rows chins and bench. I ask as these can definitely affect the scores and what you are testing.
    once again thanks for your time and i hope you remain bored more often

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