I’m getting threatening emails

Most of them stating that my blog is crap or that it isn’t updated enough…the funniest of all are the ones that telling me that my blog is crap AND that it isn’t updated often enough…what’s with that?

It isn’t that I don’t have stuff to blog about…it’s that I don’t have time to blog about it.

So I’ll do my homework and try to do a proper update tomorrow.

Kira has left a new comment on your post “Early morning session”:

Didn’t know about the bare-foot thing.
You weren’t born with shoes on…you do realise that you weren’t born with shoes on don’t you?

That’s interesting.
You need to get out more…it really isn’t that interesting.

Are those stretchy band exercises designed to make you more explosive?
Only when I load athletes into them and catapult them across the gym or do you mean the viper belts? The viper belts we use for lots of things…mainly I use them because they make things more difficult and athletes hates them…which makes me happy.

Or is there more to it than that?
Is that not enough?

And I think you’re being too soft on Chops. I don’t care how tired he was, he was hitting the mitts like a girl 🙂
Wait until you see his session this week. People will be sending him condolence cards.

João Mimoso has left a new comment on your post “Early morning session”:

I use a lot of barefoot training with my basketball players and,so far, the feedback has been great.
First they were shocked, but now they do it spontaneously.
You mean they running around on the court and their shoes just come flying off and burst into flames?

There is plenty of research showing the benefits of this practice…and it just makes sense.
Cool…everyone knows how important supporting research is to my coaching practice.

Adrienl has left a new comment on your post “Early morning session”:

hi will hope your trip went well
I got to drink a lot of beer…so yes, it went very well.

firstly eric cressy agress with you on the barefoot thing so you must be right.
Well if Eric says it then it must be true.

secondly i realise you’ve almost certainly forgotten this, what with your new contracts and such(congratulations on that), but i asked a question way back in this blog about wave loading as you were using it. Just wondering if i could get an answer there please.
1. Yes, I’ve forgotten it.
2. You want an answer to the thing that I’ve forgotten? Do you honestly think that I’ve forgot the question but remember the answer?

thirdly do you have or could you provide some details on how you trained ROK when she first started.
Maybe if I beg ROK she write something for the blog on it…let me take her on a little guilt trip and see if she tell you what she thinks about what she did. Leave that with me…if I can’t guilt her into it I suppose I’ll write something.

i am training a 16 year old soccer player who failed to complete a pushup, row or pullup and has massive mobility issues. just interested in seeing what you do with weak beginners as opposed to strong footballers.
thanks as always for your time
Sounds like a good video series…you’ll have to wait and see how bored I get tomorrow and if I get REALLY bored I’ll post a whole series just for you.

OK…that’s a half hour of blogging…time to get back to work.


One thought on “I’m getting threatening emails

  1. Will said . . .

    “the funniest of all are the ones that telling me that my blog is crap AND that it isn’t updated often enough”

    More fiber will fix the problem 🙂

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