This has to be quick

1. This is a hip pop up.

2. Here is today’s session for some of the rugby lads.

How fast was that?

The best total so far today for the body weight circuit was 42reps of each in 15 minutes….83kg athlete…did 42 pull ups, 42 85kg deadlift’s and benched 85kg for 42 reps…give it a crack and let me know how many you get done…I suggest starting off with pull ups…then do the same amount of reps on the deadlift and the bench and see how many circuits you can get done in 15 minutes.


2 thoughts on “This has to be quick

  1. Anonymous said…
    Are you posting this from the Beijing?
    No….why would I be when I don’t have any athletes and don’t have a clue what I’m doing?

    I thought you were at the olympics?
    You probably just thought that because I was asked if I’d go by 3 different sporting organisations on behalf of athletes from 2 different countries…but that was probably only because of my extensive internet marketing campaigns and because those sports administrators had been influenced by reading all my books.

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