I’ve been very busy…

…I won’t say any more because I know you don’t want excuses…you want updates.

I will try to do a proper update on the weekend…I know this sounds like yet another of my clever marketing ploys to ‘pimp’ my non existent products and to ‘promote’ my non existent books…by telling you all not to bother checking out the blog again till Monday because I don’t think I’ll have time to do anything till Sunday afternoon. I’m trying to see if driving traffic off my blog will increase the massive income I derive from it.

So read this then promise me you won’t come back till Monday…I’ll feel guilty otherwise.

So anyway had a flying visit from one of the professional athletes that I apparently don’t work with today. I might blog more about some of these guys in the future because I think some people might find it interesting. Managing tennis & golf professionals in particular has a lot of interesting challenges as far as strength and conditioning is concerned. Just off the top of my head some of these issues are as follows.

1. A number of the pro athletes I work with are on the road travelling and competing usually 9-11 months of the year especially in tennis and golf.
2. I only get to work with them in bursts of days or at most 2 or 3 weeks at any one time.
3. The facilities are so variable depending on where and when tournaments are on so everything has to be modified or developed on the fly as far as their training programs are concerned.
4. The other difficulty is that the schedule gets thrown out constantly depending upon whether they make the 1st Round or the Final or whether they make the cut.

Like I said I’ll blog about all these things later when I have more time….but for now…take a look at this and tell me whether this is the same better or worse?


I thought I would sneakily come back and start editing and adding to old posts that I didn’t have time to comment on completely at the time I posted them.

We can start from the head down.
1. If you look at both videos you can see the amount of ‘chin poke’ in the first. That has pretty much been eradicated in the second.
2. Look at the difference in the starting position alone in the left shoulder let alone the better control he has over it.

Better symmetry and better control = Good.


6 thoughts on “I’ve been very busy…

  1. Will said . . .

    “2. I only get to work with them in bursts of days or at most 2 or 3 weeks at any one time.”

    That would be difficult. I’m starting to get the impression that coaching requires a very intuitive mind. With that short amount of time, you wouldn’t get the opportunity to rely on excessive testing and analysis. Is that right?

    Will said . . .
    “4. The other difficulty is that the schedule gets thrown out constantly depending upon whether they make the 1st Round or the Final or whether they make the cut.”

    Hadn’t thought about that.
    Scheduling would be a frickin’ nightmare! That’d piss me off!

    Concerning the clips . . . I have no idea what I’m looking for, but in the second video the dude looked like he was moving with greater ease of movement. Outside of that I’m clueless.


  2. Looks like the athlete is now controlling tbe band, not the other way around. Movement is smoother. The shoulders don’t hike up, especially the left one was bad.

  3. i agree with kira and sami in that the the guy isn’t relying on his upper traps and lats to tug the weight into position and then just letting it go back to the start. its still odd though that in the 2nd video his right arm doesnt point forward at the same angle as his left arm in the relaxed position, would you be able to offer a general idea as to why this is?

    Also a bit late but with the side run drill was that for conditioning alone or was it also to drill better movement patterns
    could i also enquire as to the level of this team?

    thanks again for your time in posting and answering

  4. In the second clip, I think he clearly demonstrates better scapular control. The shoulder blades are not rising up at the beginning of the movement and the degree of retraction is greatly improved as well.

  5. What i see is me in one clip and not in the other. !!!! James is still playing with the band though – Will answer your Email !!!!

  6. Will

    How much do you pay these actors weekly to pretend to be your athletes?

    I hope you’re selling a lot of books to cover it through your blog.


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