There are no lengths I won’t go to to carry on this charade

I read again today that apparently I’m a fraud…how much do you think these people think it is costing me to employ all these athletes?

I just chucked this in for interests sake…this is the drill that I posted about before…keep it a secret though…I don’t want the footballers, rugby, hockey, basketball, Gaelic football or hurling knowing that they are all doing similar drills.

Good session on the pitch tonight…even if I dragged it on a little late. A good mix of skills and fitness. Unfortunately the summer is well an truly ending…the light is definitely fading.

Any one want to take a guess how many All Ireland, Provincial and Club Championships these lads have between them? If I’m playing 7 a side…I’d want to be on their team…only because I’m a spoiler and I’d like to hold them back.

I know a lot of people don’t know what Gaelic Football is…this won’t help much but I’m sure you’ll get the idea.

This is Gaelic football…only explaining because the majority of people reading this blog are foreigners…bloody foreigners.

What are you guys going to do when I go to France and am out of blog range….and by ‘you guys’ I mean Ian, Kira, Joel, Mimo and Anonymous. Actually Mimo should come over from Portugal and make himself useful and Joel can come and be physio…that will cut down my workload hugely…I’ll go to the beach…actually…we’ll probably need a physio for after matches.

I can’t wait to get to France…I like their style…I bet the lads can’t wait either.

I’m not sure exactly what the commentators were saying but I bet it was something along the lines of..’That’s gotta hurt!’


4 thoughts on “There are no lengths I won’t go to to carry on this charade

  1. Nice hit on the rib cage there. I thought he whined a bit to long. Take a painkiller and play! No seriously that looked like he could experience pneumothorax or hemotorax. When are you leaving and how long are you going to be gone for? Dont forget to bring you camera! Some movies before, during and after would be pretty nice.
    Apparently im no good at reading other forums since ive never seen anyone discussing you. Maybe you could link to some of those pages so i could join the complain quire?

  2. He makes all this stuff up! It goes hand in hand with his fake athletes and training facility.

    But damn,Will, you nust have quite a budget…

  3. I don’t really bother with it too much…people send me links to places where people are rubbishing me online because they think it is funny and know that I do as well. There are some great stories and rumours that go around…it really isn’t that interesting.

    I will definitely take the camera and even if I don’t have internet access while I’m away I will ‘offline’ blog so I can dump it all here when I get back to Dublin.

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