It’s great to be out on the pitch

It is getting busier and busier now with the Rugby, Gaelic Football and Basketball seasons all starting to ramp up but am loving it all the same.

Last night was a pretty tough session. I wish I had of videoed the lads first set of intervals and their last. There is naturally a fitness element in all the technical and tactical work they do but the fitness work to a good bit out of all of them.

The first block of fitness work was as follows:

20, 40 & 60 second intervals on a 10 by 10 metre square with 4 lads on each corner. They passed the passed then ran to the cone on which the player they passed it to was standing…touched the cone and tried to get back to the cone they started on. They got 30 seconds rest between the 20 and 40 second interval and the 40 & 60 second. They then had a minute to get to another square and form another group. They did another block then got 2 minutes recovery. They did 4 blocks in total. So essentially it was 8 minutes of total work time and 9 minutes of recovery….do don’t think if you asked any of them they’d think it was only 8 minutes of work…and I definitely don’t any of them would think they had that much recovery.

This is just technical work to get body positioning right….and it is done at about 47.89%…I think some of you are going to be shocked when you see what ‘full contact’ work looks like up close and personal.

We also got in a lot of rucking practice as well as a good amount of other technical work between mini games. We did a good solid 1 hour & 35 minutes of training on the pitch.

Mean while the girls were back in the gym looking after what we all know is really important when it comes to sports performance…blasting the guns.

Getting ready for the Gun Show!

Some players today are looking after their rest and regeneration…while others have a boat load of work to do to get up to speed before the season really kicks off.

Regeneration is important…even if it is tedious and boring.

I wonder how many push ups this unit could do? I guess we’ll never know…or should I say…some of you will never know….(don’t worry…it’s an inside joke).

There is no ‘team program’ every player is different and every player is looking after what they need to do now…as in what they most need to improve in the next 3 weeks…be that getting faster, fitter, stronger or leaner. There is a team ‘template’ and group training but outside that everyone in every team has different work to do.


2 thoughts on “It’s great to be out on the pitch

  1. Anonymous said…
    jeez that guy doin the band stretch looks in good nick he could prob do over 100 press ups!!!
    No man alive can do over 100 press ups…especially not a midget with a class jaw and a bad attitude.

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