Sorry for the lack of updates

I’ve been busy working on my marketing, promoting my books and constructing my online persona…or that’s at least what I’ve been told that I’ve been doing. I am going to do a proper update tonight…might even have a rant if I have the time and energy.

First I want to say well done to Jessica who tested today and added 10kg to her Bench Press and 15kg to her Trap Bar Deadlift. She’s worked really hard since she started with me way back on the 20th of June and unbeknownst to her she’s going to start working even harder. For a 15 year old girl she has a fantastic work ethic….and by fantastic work ethic I mean she doesn’t argue with me and does everything she’s told when she’s told…which is the most important thing in my book.

The rugby lads have started back on the pitch this week. I am going to video some of the contact sessions so you guys that aren’t acquainted with rugby get an idea of what is involved…I really wish I had the camera with me yesterday. The things I wished I’d captured in no particular order are as follows:
1. Goodser getting smashed walking innocently walking back to get into position by Colm who was struggling with the idea of toning down his tackling at 80%.
2. Chunky who due to the fact that he was struggling with the idea of how to ramp up to 80% had a can of whoop-ass opened up on him by Cookies.

Smythy…the body of a finely tuned coach and former professional athlete.
3. Joey asking Smythy (coach…you’d realise he was a coach if you looked at him…we are pretty much all built the same) hopefully just before the conditioning work was going to start what time it was…he had to be somewhere at 9.00pm…Smythy, knowing what was a foot he assured Joey that he had plenty of time for conditioning work…whether he did or not…there are some thing’s they can’t teach you about coaching.
4. Chops during his conditioning work doing a very good impression of Forrest Gump.


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