I was asked today about whether I knew of any good journals…

…and it made me realise that I don’t. The NSCA coaching and research journals used to be be quite good but has completely gone off the rails over the last few years.

There are also very few consistently good training and coaching websites out there…or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough? If anyone has any good training or coaching websites that would like to suggest then post them in the comments section here and we can vote on what we think is adding a link on the blog to…it has to at the very least be better than this ‘Pull Up’ blog.


5 thoughts on “I was asked today about whether I knew of any good journals…

  1. Nope. I have no idea.

    I basically follow this and Cressey’s blog,post on Lyle’s board and look at research.

    Most stuff out there is seriously biased, to say the least…..no, actually it’s pretty stupid.

    But i’m interested in suggestions aswell.

  2. The problem is that for every half decent paper out there there are a dozen nonsense, biased pieces of shit!

  3. Steve Maxwell has a great blog. All of the info there is great and he’s pretty good at getting back if you have a question.

    I frequent Dragondoor as well – there are some pretty knowledgeable folks there and it seems that if you ask a good question you will usually get good answers.

  4. you have most of the decent one’s on the left of your page! Prehaps precision nutrition as well

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