The Red Dragon

I just want to say that I was really pleased tonight. Fergus has worked his hole off this last 7 weeks and he got the returns tonight.

He tested last on the 6th of May and his results were as follows:

Weight – 107.2kg
Height – 196cm

Bench – 95kg
Pull Ups – 4reps
Push Ups – 33reps
Inverted Rows – 24reps
Squats (100kg) – 11 reps

He tested tonight and his results were as follows:

Weight – 108.8kg
Height – 196cm

Bench – 110kg
Pull Ups – 11reps
Push Ups – 48reps
Inverted Rows – 30reps
Squats (100kg) – 15reps (I stop the test at 15reps)
Trap Bar Deadlift – 220kgs

I know the forms not great…Fergus knew his form wasn’t great…get over it…we don’t train like that…but in testing I just want to see it get up.

As I explained to him early this month he’s in danger of looking and performing like an athlete.

I’m going to leave the rest of the stuff I was going to post till another day…I want Fergus to actually tell people a bit about how he found his program. What he liked and what he hated and I also want to know how he thought he was going to get on in his testing tonight.

I’m glad that he did really well because he turned up…did what he was told…and did it the way he was told to do it…he doesn’t only hear what I tell him but he actually listens….which makes my job sooo much easier. Aside from the fact that he is the worst DJ in the gym he’s been a real asset.

If you think this thread has turned into bit of a ‘love in’ let me give you an idea of how things usually work…Hugh and I were discussing Goose’s results. I was saying how impressed I was with his Pull Ups…I said ‘I am not really one for giving….’ as I paused to look for the right word Hugh jumped in to help me out and said ‘Encouragement, praise, incentive, reassurance, help…’ before he could continue I managed to say…’…easy reps in testing’.


8 thoughts on “The Red Dragon

  1. Anonymous said…
    Is Fergus the guy who posts on several forums under the alias No.23?
    No. This Fergus unlike the one you are referring to is an athlete.

  2. Michael Sullivan said…
    If Fergus is “The Red Dragon” what does that make Fanj?
    I’ve still no idea what Fanj is.

  3. If Fergus is “The Red Dragon” what does that make Fanj?

    Fergus said:
    A squirrel

    Makes sense. I’ve heard he likes nuts.

  4. Anonymous said…
    So I bench and squat more than a big rugby guy who has 25kilos on me… awesome.
    The squat test is only to 15 reps…once I see someone do that we don’t do it again. Fergus is never going to have a massive bench…and to be honest that isn’t something we worry about because at near on 2m tall he has arms like an orang-utan. Well done though.

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