We have lift off

I have my new computer…thanks go to Damian who sorted it all out for me and to Mark at HP who came through with the goods when I was ready to head down there and go absolutely postal.

Anyway…suffice to say…normal service will be resuming tomorrow hopefully.


7 thoughts on “We have lift off

  1. Hi will
    i have been reading this blog for a few weeks now but just finished a review of it so i knew what was posted. Now the questioning will begin (i have quite literally a whole page full of questions, so you may want to set a daily limit or something)
    Just so we know i am 18, live in Sydney and want your job, and yes i do train, myself and a cricket team in the summer.
    So first question, why no straight bar deadlifts, as of this moment. What advantages does the trap bar dead have over the straight bar variations

  2. Will is either still at work or else his computer is getting set up so I’ll give this one a stab and then he can ridicule my answer and give his own proper answer later on!!

    So first question, why no straight bar deadlifts, as of this moment?

    Some of the athletes, including myself, do BB Deadlifts as a part of their program but it is alternated with Trap Bar Deadlifts. Other athletes will only do Trap Bar Deads depending on the aim of their cycle and their training experience.

    What advantages does the trap bar dead have over the straight bar variations?

    The TB Dead is a more quad dominant exercise than the BB Dead. It engages the hamstrings less but most importantly, it places a lot less pressure on the lower back. Once you take this into consideration and prescribe alternate hamstring work, you are providing a safer environment for athletes, particularly those with weaker technique or less training experience. This is the main reason that TB dead is on our testing protocol and BB Dead is not.

    The TB Dead is also a very useful way for athletes to train and improve their technique for the BB Dead. Many people, while doing BB Deads (and TB Deads to a lesser extent), fail to keep a good lower back arch and/or begin the movement by raising their arse 1-2″ before the bar moves from the ground. The TB allows for better practice of the movement and technique.

    The BB Dead is a slightly different movement/feeling but if you’ve good form and strong technique on the TB, you are less likely to break down technique wise. As I’ve heard Will say numerous times, and I’m sure he’ll write in his own (proper) response, max effort Deadlifting is always ugly so training with good technique the rest of the time is vital not just for longevity of career but also walking ability!!!

  3. Now that’s a good response, we may as well just have you writing the blog and Will can just work on becoming an all mighty guru.

  4. Hey Will, do you have tests and standards for testing speed, agility and repeat speed ability as you do for your strength tests?

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