“Houston, we’ve had a problem.”

I’m having major I.T issues…I’ve been looking into getting a new computer…well my laptop must have heard me on the phone. It has starting playing up big time…I have a bit of a back log of stuff to log or blog or whatever the hell you want to call it….there was some real great stuff you guys are missing out on…like the best excuse I’ve ever had from an athlete to get out of a new program…the conversation went something like this…Me: We are starting your new program on Monday. Athlete: Will, I really can’t…I’m getting circumcised. There is nothing more that I can say really…only I have marked his file as…’Unable to begin program due to unforeseen circumcision.’

Update: I seem to be winning the battle with my laptop so hopefully I will be able to do a proper update this evening. Till then keep the questions coming…that’s just for Joel, Mimo and Ian who I think are 3 of the 14 people who read my blog…but it is quality of reader not quantity of reader that counts.

Updated Update: I spoke way too soon…my laptop is fighting back and it is totally kicking my arse. Anyone who wants me to be forever in their debt can check out http://www.dell.ie and find me the best possible deal on a desktop computer in the €1000-1400 range which will give me the best bang for my buck because I think if I don’t get a new machine in the near future you guys will be able to revert to checking out the blog on a weekly basis. So feel free to email me or post the links to your recommended machines here because I’m going to get one this week before my laptop suffers permanent system failure. I’m hopefully going to be able to post a full catch up post tomorrow because their is a back log of stuff to get up and I know I have plenty of ‘homework’ questions to answer…so till then…make yourselves useful and find me a good machine and monitor that will handle the graphics associated with the interweb and my blog postings.


10 thoughts on ““Houston, we’ve had a problem.”

  1. Hey mimo, get to the back of the queue :)….Will’s got to put up PC’s last two programs…and he’s putting together a rowing program for me now that my Concept 2 is on the way tomorrow – except he doesn’t actually know this yet 🙂

  2. Haha ive also emailed Will ;P But mimo, put in the question, maybe the rest of us can give you some sort of input! 😉

  3. It has to do with preparing a basketball team( i’ll do it and have my ideas on how to do it) and i’d like will’s imput. He can post it later if he wants to. At the very least, he’ll ridicule my ideas and we can all discuss it.

  4. Will,

    I’ll be sending you an eMail later with a spec that I think will do the business for you…I’m giving you a heads up here in case you miss it amongst your unread eMails 🙂

  5. Ian,
    Have you got your rower yet?
    When you get it do a 150m, 500m & 2km time trial and send me your scores…make sure you are fully recovered between each time trial though.

    What was your question?

    I’ve searched my email…can’t see anything from you that is basketball related so send me your question again.

    I’ll keep my eye out for your mail as I’m am trying to do something about a new machine today.

  6. Dunno what you had in mind will. I had a few questions i put in the mail I sent you. But i come up with new ones all the time so…some based on todays Patrick post.
    How do you perform the natural reverse hypers?
    Why is Patrick doing military presses? I remember reading a blog post a while ago where you said that you havent used specific shoulder work for the last 10 years.
    How do you keep track of your athletes progressions? Like how do you journal them? Do use a program or just a excel/word document?

  7. Will,
    That’s because i didn’t send it yet. You already had two e-mails from me so i thought i’d wait.
    Also, i only decided to work with the team yesterday so….no time top put it down in words for you. But i will…

  8. Ian, Have you got your rower yet?
    When you get it do a 150m, 500m & 2km time trial and send me your scores…make sure you are fully recovered between each time trial though.

    Will…I now have my new toy set up in the garage and about to go do the 150m and 500m trial…the 2Km will have to wait another day.

    Cheers bud.

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