I’d like to bring a little gayness into everyone’s lives

I think the troops are starting to worry…the diet is taking it’s toll…had a bad day today diet wise and instead of eating the ‘wrong stuff’ I basically hardly ate at all…very stupid indeed. So at training I barely had the energy to yell, curse, ridicule and demean…in other words…I just wasn’t myself…I think me being quiet has them more worried than when I’m manic.

Not a big update today as have an early start…I was made aware of a correction to the results that I posted yesterday…Andy’s previous best bench was actually 120kg not the 125kg I stated…so it was basically a 15kg improvement in 6 weeks along with a 7kg weight gain with basically no real increase in body fat…along with a HYOOGE increase in inverted rows which I know Andy was pleased with as I think he was sick of me shaking my head with shame or mocking him every time he got under the bar to do a set in training. Once again…well done Andy…5 more kg’s to go before we lean him down to a fit and flying 100kg back row for the season start.

This made me laugh…it was probably the gheyest thing I’ve seen in a gym since I was in that bath house on ‘Gorilla’s in the Mist’ afternoon at the gym in San Francisco during gay Mardi Gras week. I can’t believe I saw it but I admire the cooperation and togetherness of these members of the red headed oppressed minority community.


4 thoughts on “I’d like to bring a little gayness into everyone’s lives

  1. Will, poised on the bench platform, stared blankly ahead. His glazed and distant eyes barely reflecting the light was as telling a sign as his slumped and dejected demeanour. Sets were tackled all around the room yet it was the silence that drowned out the clink of moving metal. The usual squaks of praise or punishment were lost as Will’s eye’s occasionally flickered about his subjects yet the draw of the distance was too enticing. His eyes settled there, absent of focus, as moments turned to minutes. The silence raged on.

    A tribute to the eerie quiet in the gym this evening as Will left himself without the power of cognitive speech with his diet antics.

  2. Will I would have thought you would have been happy that your Gym sessions have become soo popular and that word of your greatness had spread soo far the only way to do our Rollouts was in this synchronised way. Surely u can appreciate the efficiency of the space usage. Maybe it was a little unfortunate that both myself and hogan have red hair that made it seemed a little more comical then it actually was. In my opinion there was nothing overly gay about the comradery there was between 2 fellow rugby players who both happen to have similar coloured hair.

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