Reflections of a fat man

I knew I said I wasn’t going to make this blog about me…but I think we all knew that my ego would eventually get in the way.

Quiet day coaching wise today so not much to report on that front…so instead I thought I might jot down some thoughts on how my diet and training went this week with regard to my project.

1. I read Lyle’s Rapid Fat Loss Handbook…twice in fact…made my notes and did my calculations and got my supplements (vitamins, minerals & fish oil caps). I planned my diet out and was good to go.

2. Life then precedes to get in the way and make a mess of everything I spent so much time planning.

3. I’m going to try and put a better structure to my diet this week as I didn’t really adhere to Lyle’s guidelines in his handbook as well as I wanted to.

4. This is what I did wrong:
I didn’t get enough protein each day.
I had periods where I went too long without eating anything at all.
I didn’t plan ahead properly and unfortunately left myself in a scenario where I had to make food choices which were basically…’the best I could do’…type situation.
I didn’t get enough green vegetables or salad.

5. This is what I did right:
I did create a big deficit.
I took caffeine and that really helps…I don’t think I could diet without it…basically I took 200mg when I got up, 200mg at 12pm and then 200mg at 4pm an hour before training.

In short…I’ve definitely lost fat…I think my scale weight will be down about 5ish kilograms or about 10lbs…obviously that isn’t all fat…but a good proportion of it is…we’ll see tomorrow at the official weigh in and my photoshoot.

My plan this week is try to get into a proper routine with my eating. I’m thinking I will basically eat a standard daily diet…as in breakfqst, lunch, pre training and post training. Then have a free meal on Thursday after training and Monday after my weekly weigh in and training session have another ‘free meal’ of some kind. Before I decide what to do next I want to see where my scale weight ends up after another ‘proper’ week of hard dieting. Then what I’m thinking now is that I either go to a more moderate diet while continuing to run a deficit for 2 weeks or 3 weeks followed by another 2 weeks or 1 week of hard dieting. I’ll get to 8% and I don’t care if I have to bore you all to death in the process…to save you some misery though I think I’ll only give a single update on how I’m going and do that on Sunday nights and leave the rest of the training and nutrition details over on my post in the athletes blog.


4 thoughts on “Reflections of a fat man

  1. Jesus,

    If I had that much caffeine I’d be bouncing off the walls all day, and jittering in my bed all night.

    Does it really make that much difference?


  2. Caffeine has never given me the jitters and doesn’t effect my sleep…mainly because I don’t…sleep that is.

  3. jitterbug into my brain (yeah yeah), my beats per minute never been the same.

    Caffeine fires me up – that my morning coffee singing in a high pitched voice

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