The Red Dragon

I just want to say that I was really pleased tonight. Fergus has worked his hole off this last 7 weeks and he got the returns tonight.

He tested last on the 6th of May and his results were as follows:

Weight – 107.2kg
Height – 196cm

Bench – 95kg
Pull Ups – 4reps
Push Ups – 33reps
Inverted Rows – 24reps
Squats (100kg) – 11 reps

He tested tonight and his results were as follows:

Weight – 108.8kg
Height – 196cm

Bench – 110kg
Pull Ups – 11reps
Push Ups – 48reps
Inverted Rows – 30reps
Squats (100kg) – 15reps (I stop the test at 15reps)
Trap Bar Deadlift – 220kgs

I know the forms not great…Fergus knew his form wasn’t great…get over it…we don’t train like that…but in testing I just want to see it get up.

As I explained to him early this month he’s in danger of looking and performing like an athlete.

I’m going to leave the rest of the stuff I was going to post till another day…I want Fergus to actually tell people a bit about how he found his program. What he liked and what he hated and I also want to know how he thought he was going to get on in his testing tonight.

I’m glad that he did really well because he turned up…did what he was told…and did it the way he was told to do it…he doesn’t only hear what I tell him but he actually listens….which makes my job sooo much easier. Aside from the fact that he is the worst DJ in the gym he’s been a real asset.

If you think this thread has turned into bit of a ‘love in’ let me give you an idea of how things usually work…Hugh and I were discussing Goose’s results. I was saying how impressed I was with his Pull Ups…I said ‘I am not really one for giving….’ as I paused to look for the right word Hugh jumped in to help me out and said ‘Encouragement, praise, incentive, reassurance, help…’ before he could continue I managed to say…’…easy reps in testing’.


Not every coach can be this good

I’d like to congratulate Darren.

He tested on the 11th of May and recorded the following:
Weight: 93.7kg
Bodyfat: 18.6%
Bench: 110kg
Pull Ups: 8 reps
Push Ups: 55 reps in 60 seconds
Inverted Rows: 25 reps in 60 seconds
Squats: He managed 15 reps with 95kg’s easy and was I stopped him there.

He tested again on the 26th of June and recorded the following:
Weight: 94.2kg
Bodyfat: 15.4%
Bench: 100kg
Pull Ups: 6 reps
Push Ups: 38 reps in 60 seconds
Inverted Rows: 24 reps in 60 seconds

At this stage I stopped the testing…I didn’t even want to imagine what he was going to deadlift…I’m actually surprised he was strong enough to carry his own bag to and from the gym.

The only thing that could of made his testing better would be if he’d managed to get fatter and lighter.

At this rate he should he recording negative scores by the end of the year.

I don’t even know where to start.

This week has been a nightmare technology wise. I’m sitting here with my laptop…which Damian thankfully tidied up…he thinks that it’s performance may have been hampered by the 3,000+ errors he found on it along with the 7000+ registry errors…I don’t know though…I still say that the problem was voodoo.

Anyway…so while the laptop is back up and running decently I’ll spend a bit of today catching up on the last weeks fun and games.

Fresh Meat
Firstly I want to welcome all the new recruits that started this week…the guys and the gals. I think after Wednesday’s testing and Friday’s training session the new guys may be spending the weekend wondering what they’ve got themselves into…don’t worry guys…it gets much much worse.

A new member of my family

As close as I’m planning on getting to having a baby.

I know you guys don’t care about this…but you just have to sit through it as the price you pay for reading the blog.

Every week I try to find some way to test/torture the guys for my own amusement…it is power, strength or endurance orientated. I tend to cycle the types of tests…mainly so they keep coming to the gym rather than laying at hope shaking and crying under their bed covers.

This week’s test was on the Concept II rower and has left some players in need of psychological counselling. Everyone who came through the door had to get on the rower and empty themselves…it was 6 efforts of 30 seconds endeavouring to cover maximum distance with each effort with 30 seconds of recovery between efforts….sounds easy enough?

I don’t think this guy thought it was easy?

What I look for here is the first time…I want to see a real expression of power…some have it and some don’t…if you don’t have it…you need to get it. Then I look at the forth time…to see the drop off and the total distance covered. I think a great score is around 200 on the first and over 1000m’s in total.

I won’t post all the times…but I’ll give you some of them.

Fanj and Damian set the standard…now I’ll get the excuses in for the boys before they start bitching and moaning…firstly…Fanj has red hair…enough said…and Damian is old and well past it…need I say more.

Fanj – 204, 181, fell out of the boat…he came off the rower…we considered giving him an adjusted time…I was happy with that…as the time chosen of 170 left him 2 metres short of my total, 166, 160, 163 for a total of 1040 metres.

Damian – 202, 187, 180, 176, 171, 175 for a 1091 metre total.

Just to give you an idea of the different type of athletes and their capabilities.

Chops – 197, 150, 151, 151, 152, 153 for 955 metre total.

David – 171, 168, 160, 159, 158, 155 for 972 metre total.

I don’t think these guys left much on the rower?

I’ll leave it to the guys and gals that did the testing to tell you what they thought of it. I’ve plenty to say about the testing but I’ll let you guys take a look at the results posted and see what you think yourselves.

Their a Concept II’s everywhere…have a go at it and let us know how you get on?

Random Questions and Comments
Adrienl said…
Hi will
I have been reading this blog for a few weeks now but just finished a review of it so i knew what was posted. Now the questioning will begin (i have quite literally a whole page full of questions, so you may want to set a daily limit or something)
Just so we know i am 18, live in Sydney and want your job, and yes i do train, myself and a cricket team in the summer.
So first question, why no straight bar deadlifts, as of this moment. What advantages does the trap bar dead have over the straight bar variations.

I think Hugh covered this question pretty well in the comments section but if you have any other questions fire away.

gmoney said…
aye bro, what kinda trainin do ya’ll use to get ya push-ups up real good like that? can ya post some video for me? i been tryin real hard to get em up but they’re stuck at 40 in 60 seconds and i just dont kno wat to do.

If you want to do improve your push ups we approach it in different ways…it is really dependent on an individuals strengths and weaknesses. To give you a practical example…ROK when she started only did push ups on her knees and when I got her to do a ‘proper’ push up she couldn’t do a single full chest to ground and a press to elbow lock out. What we did was work on her shoulder stability and control, improve her maximal strength, improve her upper body athletic balance and did a lot of push up variations…just about all of which were done sub maximally…I will email her and get her to tell you how she found her program…she’s 16 and a basketballer so has to overcome the disadvantage she has with regard to push up of her relatively long levers…she tested on Monday and banged out 52…she’s almost doubled her push up totals after each of her training cycles at each of her testing days. I’m not trying to be evasive when I say this but what we did is what coaching is all about…applying the appropriate methods, loads and variations at the right times in the right sequence. There isn’t actually a ‘best’ way to improve your push ups. If I was pressed I’d say improve your maximal strength, do a lot of shoulder stability, mobility and control work, do a heap of sub maximal push up variations to accrue some significant volume.

We have lift off

I have my new computer…thanks go to Damian who sorted it all out for me and to Mark at HP who came through with the goods when I was ready to head down there and go absolutely postal.

Anyway…suffice to say…normal service will be resuming tomorrow hopefully.

An example of what I have to work with

This is why I tell them not to try and out think me.

This is what one athlete did with the diary I gave him.

Sorry the blog is such a dead end street. I was promised my new computer would be delivered yesterday…so naturally I’m still waiting. The battery charger for the camera has also decided to pack it in so no more vids until that is sorted out either…I’m really getting the shit end of the stick technology wise.

The good news is that I just bought this.

The worlds most impractical yet fastest commuter.

I should of taken more test rides though before I bought it.

I really didn’t get the most out of my test rides.

Girls…be careful of your ovaries when you do push ups.

I’ve been laughing all morning…one of my athletes is just back from a training camp…one of her team mates warned her not to do push ups like the boys do because she’d damage her ovaries. That is one of the best ones I’ve heard in a good while.

James love square dancing…so I thought I’d get him jakt for it.

I’m thinking of inventing a tennis based martial art…James will be my Bruce Lee.

ROK tested today…poor dainty little 16 year old girl that she is…I wasn’t expecting much out of her…because as we all know…weight training for girls is bad…and I was scared for the whole session that her ovaries would fall out…luckily she made it through OK and by OK I mean pulled over 1.5 times body weight on the deadlift (almost time to call Chad Waterbury and see if I can get her in the UFC), benched 45 kgs up from 37.5kg, did 52 push ups…that’s sternum to hand and elbows locked out…thankfully I think her reproductive organs made it through the test in one piece…this was up from 34 reps last time, 13 inverted rows…up from 0 last time…I think those progressions I blogged about might just work…who’d of thunk it…but still no pull ups…but it was her closest 0 yet.

100kg…I accidentally wrecked the vid of her lifting 110kg…don’t tell her because she’ll kick my arse.

Not bad since it seems most of her other coaches I think would rather her be at home playing with dolls so she doesn’t hurt herself….either that or running miles and miles…to ‘get fit’. Sometimes I just don’t know what to say.

As an aside I keep getting told on the internet and in emails (I’m thinking of starting another mirror blog just to post my hate mail on…it is way funnier than anything I could actually come up with) that I don’t know what I’m doing and that I’m full of it and that none of my athletes are real and that none of them have actually done anything even if they were real…firstly…this will come as big surprise to a lot of athletes…secondly I just thought I better tell you guys in case you take me too seriously and actually try out for yourselves anything that has been blogged here and accidentally get fitter, stronger or leaner and then you’d be left terribly confused and disorientated about how the hell it happened…apparently the people you should really be listening to are faceless cowards who won’t even post under their own names that spend 8 hours a day on-line pontificating about training and generally telling and showing everyone how brilliant and witty they are and how crap everyone else is…I just thought it best to inform you…after all…that’s what this blog is all about.