I just realised something

I’m going to stop taking so much advice…I’ve had people tell me I have to stop ranting…I’ve had people tell me I shouldn’t update my blog so often…I’ve been getting a lot of advice from people about how I could make my blog more financially successful…the last one really made me laugh…I’m actually laughing right now just writing that…because if people really think that I’m doing this to make money than they really don’t get it at all.

So I wanted to make this post for 3 purposes basically…1. To rant about people commenting on my ranting. 2 To make a point about the fact that I don’t care if updating my blog too often annoys people or discourages them from reading it. I’d rather 3 people read it and really get something out of it then any number read it and have it be just like all the other ‘successful’ blogs out there. 3. I’ve made a grand total of about $20 out of the blog from the 2 people that were smart enough to buy a book of Lyle McDonald’s. That is not great compensation for the time I put into my blog when you really break it down…and I plan to actually put more time into it in the future so I figure I should be breaking the 20cents per hour mark soon if book sales grow exponentially.

There are a few things I’ve been thinking about today.

1. HH’s program…just wanted to let him know it is on my mind because I know he’s keen to get started.

2. I find it really weird that people will spend €60 on something like a protein supplement which contains 30 serves and won’t spend €20 on a book which will serve them in their training for the rest of their lives. Now I know people are going to think that I’ve got an ulterior purpose in talking about Lyle’s books but I wanted to get my point across any way. I have a few things circling in my head simultaneously here so I will just put them down in know particular order…a) People spend A LOT of money on supplements. b) People spend a lot paying me to train them but they don’t see the purpose in spending spending a 50 bucks on a couple of books that are going to help them get the most out of what they spend on supplements and training fees for the rest of their lives (that’s right…for all those people I train now that are reading this…yes, you are never leaving me alive.)? I just think that is weird at is all…so here you go…I’m putting this link in here Lyle’s Books…which if you buy them here instead of through my link above you can screw me out of serious money and yet at the same time do yourselves a massive favour that you’ll be thanking me for years from now when you are totally jakt!

So that gets a few things out of the way…I got to rant, post and prove that I’m financially retarded.

Andrew posted a question today that went as follows:

Its working well, or at least from what I can tell. Aside from my from weekly basketball or football games I dont have much in the way of assessing how I am progressing. After seeing what you do with your athletes, I am considering doing some of my conditioning work on the Concept II at my gym as it might afford me a way of tracking progress on a session by session basis. With regard to strength and lbm, everything has stayed constant. The more I think about it though, perhaps I could start focusing on achieving the “benchmarks” you have for your athletes, i.e., bench,deadlift, squat, compared to their weight. Aslo, working on the number of push-ups and inverted rows I can complete in a minute. This might make my strength training more goal-oriented, which, would be nice, considering maintenance is somewhat boring. My goal is to be a “good athlete”, I know that is a vague term, but you mentioned in one of your posts about trying achieve this with your athletes and then letting their coaches work on the more sport-specific stuff. Anyway, thanks for your response. Your blog is really interesting, I enjoy seeing what your athletes are doing and to see the specifcs of their training.

I answered him but have been thinking about it and I think i deserves a little more explanation because from some of the questions and comments I realise that some people…maybe everybody…doesn’t quite get where I’m coming from and I know that is my fault so I am going to keep explaining myself until everybody reading this does ‘get me’ for whatever that is worth.

This always amazes me…and I’m not having a go at Andrew (actually I am…but people say that so they don’t seem like they’re being a dick) here but I’ve never understood this…any time my training has fallen off…as it does regularly…it has been because I’ve really had nothing to train for…that’s what training is…getting ready, getting in shape for something or for some purpose at least.

I only say this because it is easy to find something in your training no matter what it is to measure your training by…that’s why we test every cycle…not because benching is vital to sport it’s because it gives us an idea of how our training is progressing.


4 thoughts on “I just realised something

  1. Hi Will,

    There’s a danger of over thinking things. It is great to get some suggestions for blog structure to help with ease of navigation, but with regards to content…post what you like, when you like…your humour and frankness is a major reason for my being here…and let the feedback from readers guide you as to which direction the blog can go.

  2. Ian,
    Thanks as always for the response…it’ll probably only end up being you that reads the blog any wya before to long so what you like is probably important.

    Thanks also for saying that there was ‘a danger of me over thinking things’…no one has ever thought for a second that I possibly think too much…it is usually to say or question whether I think at all.

    I’ll just keep crapping on about training and we’ll see how that works out for us.

  3. Will,

    I understand what you are saying about training for a reason. With regard to myself, I sometimes have trouble discerning what it is in fact I want to train for. I always bounce back and forth between wanting to be a little leaner, stronger, more conditioned, etc. Perhaps it might be easier if I were involved in a specific sport and had some external force telling me that I HAD to get stronger or better conditioned instead of it only being an internal dialogue about what I WANT to do. Any thoughts on this?
    Also, no need to be polite about having a go at me, it’s fine and probably good for me. Believe me, the last thing I expect when reading this blog is for you to take into account the feelings of those reading it.
    Hope things are well.


  4. Andrew,
    I know exactly what you are saying. I suffer from the fact that I still try to train like the athlete I was years ago and often come to the point when I push myself too hard or for too long where I feel the desire to give myself an upper cut for being such an idiot for smashing myself up. I’m not an athlete any more…I don’t compete and I need to get that through my think skull.
    I’m going to start a little self project in the coming weeks…I want to get myself out of the pattern I’m currently in…set myself some new and more appropriate goals and get after them.
    Regarding the politeness….don’t worry…it won’t last long…I can only hold my real personality back for so long.

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