Johnny has outed himself…so poke and probe him to your hearts content

Johnny or the athlete formerly known as ‘JM’ has made himself available to answer questions if you have any…so I thought that I’ll open up this post so if anyone wants to get an athletes view of my program from the horses mouth (no offence intended to horses…which I think are beautiful creatures) then you can ask away.

Johnny in action…with what I’ve been told were ‘fake’ plates.

Feel free to speak your mind…I promise I won’t hold anything you have to say against you and it will be purely a conincidence that if you bad mouth me that you’ll be doing 30 rows of 150m’s back to back with 5 second recoveries the day after I see it…I know you didn’t see them in your program…but they probably just weren’t on your print out?


9 thoughts on “Johnny has outed himself…so poke and probe him to your hearts content

  1. Johnny,
    I’ve a question for you…why are you here on my blog when you should be studying?

    How confident are you feeling about breaking your Personal Bests on the bench, pull ups, push ups and inverted rows?

    Do you want to make any predictions so I can laugh at you if you mess up tomorrow?

  2. Hey Will,

    I’ve been reading your blog all week. Just finished reading it last night. I even woke up at 3am this morning and finished reading the last 10 pages. Fantastic stuff!

    I’m very interetested in what you do as I’m a bit of a wasted up ex Gaelic football player, I’m thinking of giving it one more crack next year. I am/was a mid fielder 6’4″ and a lean (8-10% BF) 95Kg. My 1RM bench is about 82Kg my Squat is about 100Kgx5, I can do 6 to 8 chins and my deadlift 1RM is around 150Kg. My vertical jump is really poor at around 18″, I’m very quad dominant and I’m sure I have plenty other weaknesses I don’t know about.

    I have some idea where I need to be next year in terms of strength, I’ve no idea what to do about the conditioning stuff but I’d be much more interested in your opinion and how best to get there?

    I could relate to that guy AS in your blog, though I’m in worse shape, I probably have some of the same weaknesses and I’m also probably a bit light on muscle mass.

  3. Anonymous,
    1. Glad you like the blog.
    2. Upset you lost sleep over it.
    3. I specialise in washed up old athletes…being one myself.
    4. Opinions I have plenty of…you’re welcome to contact me and come to the gym and I’ll give you an ear full for free. I love to talk training.
    5. AS is testing this weekend I think so keep an eye out and we’ll see how this training cycle has worked out for him.

  4. Good question will its either mess around or study and lets face it im a 2 year old

    Im feeling very confident had a good 4 to 5 week cycle.

    Pull ups:6
    Push ups:60
    Inverted rows:hopefully 35 to 40
    Deadlift:if in the mood ill go 280kg maybe 300kg

    Oh and i guess every comment will be a good one

  5. JM-180kg
    Wildly over confident…ahh to be young and have healthy shioulders…those were the days.
    Mildly over confindent…ahh to be old and stupid.
    Will-165kg if I remember correctly.
    Spot on I’d say…the estimate of someone who actually has a clue what they are talking about.

  6. Johnny,
    If you fail your exam and blame me in 6 months I won’t care how big you get…I’ll kick your arse…hit the books.

  7. Study you dumbass. Repeats are the napalm of rugby preseasons…I’ve been there. Don’t mess about coz if you tell me you’re studying in August, you’ll be running the most longest of distances I can possibly imagine after your last repeat. It’d be the equivalent of finishing the exam, driving to the club and starting to jog so that you’d be nice and warm for the next pitch session in 3 days time. I shit you not. Books!!

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