Not updating my blog all day almost killed me

First things first…you’ll see that Damian…the lifter formerly known as DG…has put up his transition program…the one that he did preceding his current training cycle for those that asked…so feel free to ask him any questions about it or his current training cycle.

Now ROK who is 16 (so she says) and weighs in at 60 odd kgs had her first session of trap bar deadlifting tonight…I started her out at 40kgs for 8…then 60kg….the 70kgs….then 80kgs….then 90kgs. She has been training with me for 2 full cycles now and is commencing her third and she has me a little worried that by the end of the summer when I make her do bridging (which she does with 15kg on her back) that she is going to go all Incredible Hulk on me and throw me through the window.

Now HH is a player that I really like….I’ve had more than my share of players over the years that looked like Tarzan and played like Jane. HH is the real deal. He coaches AS as well and like me is some what of a bastard….which is also a quality I admire…so when heard that AS had pulled 200kg at the end of his sets yesterday…he decided to put him ‘back in his box’. He pulled 201.25kg’s….a whole 1.25kg more….he wasn’t going to let the fact that he had little or no sleep and 15 odd pints the night before stop him…well done HH…you’re my kind of mentalist.

HH pulling 200+a bit kgs’s…just because he can.

Had a change of thinking regarding ROK’s progressions on her Inverted Rows…I was going to do them band assisted but I’ve decided instead that I am going to progress her from a higher bar position to low….so from more upright to more horizontal….she did her 3 sets of 12 reps on the 10th pin this week…and we’ll drop a pin height every week and see how that goes. I also jacked up the tension on her band assisted chins to lift her volume in this cycle.

That’s it for tonight…I’ll be interviewing Adam Magro after training tomorrow night so the update may be a little later than it was tonight.

I’m so glad I got that off my chest…I’m still holding back….and I’m still going to try to keep it to one update a day…but I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold out.

In other news…you’ll also see that I have a ‘Stuff I like…that I also get a juicy cut of if you buy it…section.’. I didn’t set this blog up to make money and I don’t actually care if I do or I don’t…but the idea of friends of mine making money when I could be bilking some out of them just really annoys me. I don’t imagine I am going to be getting too many people wanting to ‘affiliate’ with me…for a few reasons which I will list in no particular order:

1. Because I have a lot of friends in the industry who I really like….who have also produced stuff I really don’t like…and they know better than to ask me to promote it because they know that I know that some of their stuff isn’t great. Actually maybe that isn’t entirely fair…I should say…that their stuff isn’t targeted at coaches, trainers, athletes and people who are serious about their training…I suppose someone has to produce stuff for the masses…it just won’t ever be me…and I wish it wasn’t them…but so be it….who am I to talk….they are all raking in the cash sitting at home at their computer and I’m still in the gym working for a living like an idiot.

2. Because I really don’t think there is a lot of stuff out there that is really good and is worth paying for…I wouldn’t tell anyone to buy anything that I haven’t or wouldn’t(I’m covering myself here because I’m actually hoping that people who are producing good stuff who know it is good will send it to me for free in the hope that I think it is good)so that is not going to appeal to a lot of the people who are producing fitness material…if that’s what you could call it.

3. I am still going to tell you about stuff that I think you should get or look into even if I don’t get anything out of it…you can rest assured I will try and wiggle my way in there…but if I can’t I will still recommend it any way.

4. I am not going to use anyone’s ad copy either…if I think it is good or that you should look into it then I will tell you and I will just just throw the link over on the side in my ‘pennies from heaven’ section or just give you the link directly.

So there you are…I hope no one minds too much…stuff doesn’t come along very often that I think is good so I can’t see people being too annoyed if I mention something here or there.

So Lyle’s stuff is the first link to go in there…and I hope you guys all buy Lyle’s stuff if you haven’t already because him giving me money is going to annoy him so much and bring me so much joy.

I bought Lyle’s stuff and I have to say I refer to it every week…his Rapid Fat Loss Handbook is excellent and you will see athletes in my blog that use the protocols within it to drop fat and drop it fast and I will post the photo’s and details so you can see it for yourself. I used Lyle’s protocol twice…it wasn’t fun…when I dropped from 138kg’s down to 100kgs…which was my goal…I did it in 2 bouts because it was tough going…but I prefer to take harder but short route rather than try to be disciplined about my diet for long periods…so if you are looking to drop fat and do it fast…buy the Rapid Fat Loss Handbook.

AS who’s details have been posted has been following the bulking protocols straight out of The Protein Book which for the past few weeks has been sitting on my desk beside my computer because I rip something off out of it every one to two days to make me look far brighter and more knowledgeable than I really am. AS has gone from 93.4kg and 19.0% to 98.3kg and 17.8% in 4 weeks and he’s a kid that told me that no matter what he did he couldn’t gain weight…I cut his volume in half…he’s only doing 3 sessions a week…that’s it….and following the protocols I got from Lyle’s book….so if you are interested in supplements and nutrition in general get The Protein Book.

Now people have been going on about The Stubborn Fat Loss book…I haven’t got it…but it is on it’s way…so I’ll tell you about it when I get it…plus I can’t see myself or any of my athletes getting so lean that we have to worry about the stubborn fat loss….we have bigger things to worry about with the not so stubborn fat.

He has a Bromocriptine book as well….which I read….I’d love to tell you what it was about but I really didn’t understand it…I’m sure there are labcoats and eggheads reading this blog that will get something out of it if you are interested in that sort of thing.

The Ketogenic Diet Book, The Ultimate Diet 2.0 and The Guide to Flexible Dieting are also there but I haven’t read them either…so your guess is as good as mine.

All I can say is that I have The Protein Book and The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook and that I use both of them all the time…so take that for what it is worth….so if you want them…they’re in my ‘shower me with money’ section.


4 thoughts on “Not updating my blog all day almost killed me

  1. im wondering if lyle would rather not sell the book than give you a cut? I bet his stress ball is getting a working over!

  2. Matt,
    The last email I received from Lyle had the subject title ‘hey shit for brains’…what do you think?

  3. AS who HH coaches pulled 200kg yesterday at the end of his session…so HH pull 200 + the 1.25kg for 201.25kg total. I’m not sure what fed it would be legal in…but there are so many I’m sure we’ll find one.

    Of interest to you perhaps Shaf and maybe others…one of the things I’ve been holding off on is starting to load up all the programs and plans for the women’s senior rugby…so keep an eye out.

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