Major Announcement

Well not major…but if I didn’t sell it…you wouldn’t be reading it.

1. It has been brought to my attention that I am annoying the hell out of people updating my blog too often.
2. So…what I’ve decided to do is show some discipline and update my blog once a day…and naturally I break my discipline straight away to tell you this…so what I’m going to do is to only update my blog at around 11pm ish every evening Dublin, Ireland time when I get in from work.
3. I will still respond to questions and comments through the day while I’m tooling around…so if you have them…post them.
4. If you have stuff that you are interested in or you want to see more of let me know? I actually want to make this blog ‘useful’ rather than just take up space on the interweb…and it is certainly only going to appeal to certain types of people so we (as in you guys and me) might as well push it as far away from everything else out there as humanly possible.
5. I’d love to hear from people where they are and what they do? But I do understand that the internet is pretty disposable these days and a lot of people will be reading this only because they have absolutely nothing to do but if you can be bothered…you can post location and area of interest here as well.
6. For any of you labcoats or tech heads out there that look at lots of blogs or have your own…I’d also like to know what stuff you think I should add to the site and what sort of stuff would make it more user friendly….any tips and or advice would be greatly appreciated.
7. Let me know what you think of the new blog layout…not that I care…because I think it looks much better and is a bit more user friendly…but at least you’ll feel like you’ve had your say….even if I completely ignore you.

So that’s it…I’ve got a heap of posts that I want to make but I will listen to advice for a change and keep my powder dry until later on.


17 thoughts on “Major Announcement

  1. Fuck that man the more the better, I like to fact of how often its updated and its also been commented on that boards site that its good how often its updated. Unless you don’t want us to know what a bum you really are 😉

  2. Mick,
    Not everyone else sits around on their hole raking in money selling stuff on the internet with their feet up at home.

    People were pissing and moaning about me blowing up their ‘readers’ (I only just found out about these…I’m so interweb retarded)and I even had someone say that if I updated it to often they wouldn’t even bother reading it…which I thought was pretty funny….along with someone who said I was giving too much information…which actually made me laugh out loud.

    Some of the points I’m taking on board though…I figure if everyone knows that it is going to be updated in the evening then they can check it out the following morning for us Europeans or when they get home from work in the US….and the Aussie’s well…they can just suck it up….I know my countrymen aren’t going whine and bitch like my European and US friends…where made of sterner stuff.

    I’d be interested in what you think I should do….what you would like to see as well.

  3. If you or someone else out there will tell me how to do it I absolutely will.

    I think some of the best stuff on the blog (I know that isn’t saying much) will be contained within the comments section.

    So if you or anyone else knows how to do it….just let me know.

  4. I think I may have managed to do what was asked by Artie and add a recent comments widget…I am going to so be kicking the interwebs arse soon.

  5. yep it works will
    question _ when do you actually train yourself will? do you just jump in with guys you are training or do you make quality time for yourself?

  6. I was just answering an email about that then.

    I don’t do as much as I would like and I am limited because of some pretty major injuries I’ve suffered BUT I am thinking about using myself as a project…haven’t decided if it would be a bit too self indulgent or whether it would be of any interest to people…I’m contemplating taking some ‘before’ shots and doing some testing and then laying out how I’m going to whip myself into shape from there on in. Either that or just pull my finger out and you guys will see the body comp and performance changes over time as I pop up in vids here and there.
    At the moment I just jump in and do bits and pieces when and where I get the chance. The basis of my own program is probably Pull Ups and Push Ups and very little more than that.

  7. “Would rather hump Oprah all day or Miranda Kerr once every two days? Quality trumps quantity.”

    But what if one can bang Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston every day (or even more then once a day)? Are you suggesting that Will is uglier than Brad Pitt?

  8. Artie you are on very shaky ground there…I’ve always had to get by on my wit, charm and sophistication when it comes to the ladies…hence me not getting very far if ever.

    As an aside I think the once a day update will work much better. I will have more time to think about how I want to structure it and what sort of content I want. I am actually going to make myself a ‘To Do’ list so I can get some sort of order to what I present…rather than just spewing it out randomly.

  9. Will,

    I head up our company blog and have had to become very familiar with all things blogging, so I might be able to give you some helpfull information for once. I would change the blog archieve section to either flat list or hierarchy format. It’ll still provide the same functionality but have a slightly less cluttered look. The same theory would applly to your “recent posts” widget. If you can tweek it, have it only display the article/post that was updated. Since you have a fair amount of comments, having it the way it is makes the page feel cluttered. I do agree with the amount of updates though. 1-2 seems the be the best. Thanks for the blog and thanks for all your help over the past couple years.

  10. Jonathon,
    You are to drop everything and mail me immediately and tell me 1. Which Jonathon you are? 2. Explain to me exactly what you are talking about?

  11. Will, would it be possible to organize the archive also in categories? Something like “interviews”, “athletes”, “drunken ramblings” etc. For example it’d be nice to to be able to easily go through the blog entries of some particular athlete to see how she or he progresses through the cycle.

  12. Sami,
    I was thinking about that myself. I suppose this is why people have websites rather than blogs. Jonathan has been helping me clean up and shape the blog. I will drop him a mail and see if he can think of any solution. I suffer from internet retardation myself so there is not much chance of me working it out. I was thinking maybe of starting some ‘mirror’ blogs…like an athlete blog where I have a single post on each ‘featured’ athlete and just update their post. So there would basically be a single entry for each. Give there name, sport and goal….something like that and then just link to it when I write about them in the main blog. Like I said…I’ll ask Jonathan about it and see what he thinks.

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