I am so going to kick Eric Cressey’s arse in box jumping

Eric Cressey’s (supposed) 50 inch box jump…I want his boxes measured and certified.

I just had this brought to my attention….along with several references to Joe DeFranco’s athletes.

I’m going to challenge EC and while I’m at it Joe DeFranco to a box jumpathon…I am limiting this competition to EC and Joe D as I know both of them and like myself I know that they are both practically crippled…I know for a fact that Joe D couldn’t even jump out of bed let alone onto a box. Who ever wins can have the internet all to themselves.


12 thoughts on “I am so going to kick Eric Cressey’s arse in box jumping

  1. Shaf,
    I specifically made it clear…I don’t want to be compared with anyone who is actually any good.

  2. Just to let you know…EC is already ‘crying off’ because he has ‘sore feet’ apparently…I think he’s just humbled by my awesome power….well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  3. I have to be honest and say that I am training for purely narcissistic reasons, i.e. to try to look as good as possible – but I’m also interested in keeping a general level of fitness as I play the odd bit of soccer.

    I have only moved to Dublin recently and have been training at Pinnacle gym – it is a really good gym for my needs however it is a bit out of my way.

    P.s. lovin the blog so far

  4. Mick will be glad to hear that as I know he reads the blog as well. I would have recommended Pinnacle any way.

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