The sort of person I want to be when I grow up

I’ve added a link to Dan John’s newsletter. Dan’s Introduction reads as follows:

Dan John is the Strength Coach and Head Track and Field Coach at Juan Diego Catholic High School in Draper, Utah and a full-time on-line religious studies instructor for Columbia College of Missouri. Originally from South San Francisco, Dan came to Utah to throw the discus for Utah State University and never left. Dan has Masters degrees in history and in religious education, as well as intensive work at the American University in Cairo, University of Haifa, and Cornell. Dan has written articles for “Catechetical Update” and “Utah Historical Quarterly,” as well as being a columnist for the Intermountain Catholic. In addition, Dan writes articles for a variety of strength magazines and publishes a little newsletter called “Get Up” which registers up to a quarter of a million hits a month. Dan has been teaching for over twenty-five years.

At home, he is humbled by his lovely wife, Tiffini, whose middle name is not “long suffering” no matter how often it is repeated and his two daughters, Kelly and Lindsay. At home, Dan wins arguments with the dog, but not the cat.

Currently, Dan is ranked as a Master Highland Games athlete, holds the American Record in the Weight Pent and holds numerous National Championships in weightlifting and throwing and maintains a full-time free internet coaching site.

I’ll tell you right now for free get Dan John 3-Part DVD Everything’s Over My Head.

I will never recommend anything in my blog that I don’t own. I haven’t started this site to sell stuff. I’m only telling you I think you should get it because I think it is really excellent. Dan is really straight forward and by straight forward I mean he ACTUALLY coaches and he ACTUALLY trains himself and he ACTUALLY knows what he’s talking about which really makes a nice change to what I generally see on the internet. I have stolen a lot of stuff from Dan…and by a lot I mean just about everything he has done coaching wise I’ve taken and made it my own.

Dan had his notepad handy…just on the off chance I said anything interesting….suffice to say…he didn’t need to use it.

I get asked a lot by athletes here in Ireland…particularly field athletes as in those from rugby and GAA about Olympic lifting…if you are really serious about wanting to get…better stop talking to me about it and buy this because just about everything I teach and know about Olympic lifting comes straight from Dan John. The 3 DVD’s will set you back about €25 the way the US peso is currently and everything you see in it will be exactly what you see me trying to teach you only better…as it will include all the stuff that I am too dumb to remember.

I’m off to training…if there is any homework that I’ve forgotten or anything I was supposed to answer that I haven’t let me know and I’ll sort it out over the weekend while things are a little quieter.


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